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FiiO Q3 Upcoming Portable DAC/AMP With THX Amplification

FiiO Q3 Upcoming Portable DAC/AMP With THX Amplification

FiiO showcased their upcoming product lineup at the CIHE 2020 happened here at Guangzhou a few weeks before. They introduced five new products to the world at that event, all eyes were glued to the FiiO Q3 the latest portable DAC/AMP with THX AAA amplification module. FiiO previously has two models in its “Q” series of portable DAC/AMP’s, the Q1 MK ii, and the Q5s. The Q1 MK ii is an entry-level device while the Q5s is their high-end portable DAC/AMP that also supports replaceable AMP modules. As the name suggests the Q3 will come at the middle ground between these two. It provides a complete high-quality music solution on the go with a high-performance DAC, THX amplification, multiple headphone output ports, and many more features. The FiiO Q3 is priced at 159.99$ and is available to order from our store here.

FiiO Q3-1


>AKM AK4462 DAC chip.

>THX AAA fully balanced amplification.

>Latest XMOS USB Chip.

>Supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD512 natively.

>4.4mm, 2.5mm balanced headphone output.

>3.5mm single-ended output.

>Two-level gain switch(High/Low).

>Bass gain switch.

>RGB indicator light.

>9 hours of battery life.

THX AAA Amplification:-

FiiO Q3-2

FiiO Q3 uses the highly reputed THX AAA Amplifier Technology. Previously FiiO created a replaceable amplification module for the Q5s and this time they used at the heart of their Q3. The fully balanced THX amp module has a patented feed-forward error correction topology paired with rigorous OP-Amp components. It helps the Q3 to achieve a powerful output capability. The Q3 also shows low distortion, rich bass, and overall outstanding music experience.

High-Performance Decoding Chipset:-

The Q3 is equipped with the latest generation of XMOS USB signal receiver chip and high-performance AKM DAC chip, the AK4462. It is capable of decoding PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz, and DSD up to DSD512 natively. The output with Q3 connected to a normal smartphone or PC is buttery smooth, has powerful bass, crisp detailing, and lush vocals suiting different genre’s of music very well.

Multiple Output Ports:-

The FiiO Q3 provides good versatility to its users with three headphone output ports. It features 4.4mm and 2.5mm fully balanced output ports and 3.5mm single-ended output port. So user’s can use headphones/earphones with different termination plugs with the choice of their output option.

RGB Indicator & Gain Switches:-

Near the volume knob on the front, the Q3 houses an RGB light indicator. It indicates the active file bandwidth like blue for 16-Bit Flac and more. The Q3 features a two-level gain switch, high gain, and low gain, and a bass boost switch is also there for that extra thump in the lower end.

FiiO Q3-3

The FiiO Q3 is a very capable portable DAC/AMP solution. The little time we spent with it was completely amazing. THX amplification provides a noise-free amazing sound quality output that pairs well with super sensitive IEM’s like the Andromeda’s really well. The FiiO Q3 is priced at 159.99$, you can check out more details here.

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