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FiiO M23 Portable Digital Audio Player With High-Performance AK4499EX THX AAA 78+ Chips

FiiO M23 Portable Digital Audio Player With High-Performance AK4499EX THX AAA 78+ Chips

FiiO is on a roll with some solid releases recently. It’s just a few days ago when we announced the release of the all-new K19 flagship desktop all-in-one USB DAC/AMP, today we are super excited to introduce a brand new high-performance Portable Audio Player from the house of FiiO, presenting the FiiO M23. As you might guess from the name, FiiO M23 is placed right between the M11 Plus series and the M15 series of portable audio players by FiiO. The brand has designed the M23 with identical design elements to that of the M11 Plus but the internal architecture features high-end chipsets for a whole new level of sonic brilliance with the device. Are you excited for the all-new FiiO M23?? because we surely are!!

FiiO M23

FiiO M23 is launched in two different variants, the standard variant costs $699.99 and the Stainless Steel variant costs $899.99, you can check out more information and details here.

FiiO M23 comes equipped with a strong DAC and AMP section. It features AKM’s latest AK4499EX DAC with AK4191EQ modulator, a combination which is being regarded as a solid DAC section in recent devices. We have seen amazing performance from this DAC in many recently launched products. This 32-bit Velvet DAC setup promises exceptionally clean sound signal decoding supporting both PCM and DSD audio signals. FiiO has combined this amazing DAC setup with a high-power 4-channel fully balanced THX AAA 78+ Amp section. It produces a powerful output thrust reaching up to 1W(1000mW) per channel output in Desktop mode on the device. With such high-power output, we are pretty sure you won’t face any issues with your IEMs and Headphones and enjoy them to their fullest potential!!

FiiO M23-2

FiiO M23 is the brand’s first portable DAP to feature dual USB Type-C connection ports. One of these ports is dedicated to power connection and allows you to charge the device or use it in desktop mode. The other port can be used for connecting DAP to different devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Laptops, and use as a dedicated USB DAC/AMP. The M23 has a dedicated physical key to enter into the Desktop Mode(do note that you need to connect the M23 to a power adapter for this). FiiO has also featured its newly developed Digital Audio Purification System, also known as DAPS. The DAPS combines FiiO’s self-developed HiFi audio core and femtosecond low-jitter clock processor. This tech bypasses Android limitations and promises true high-resolution audio signal processing across different applications on the device.

FiiO M23-3

FiiO M23 features six operating modes including Roon Ready mode. It has the Global PEQ function, and Global All to DSD function, ensuring users get the performance and allowing them to adjust the output to their liking. FiiO has featured a specially developed 4-stage 20-rail power supply design. Using high-quality capacitors, the device has a solid foundation for power supply. It has independent power design for both Digital and Analog circuits. FiiO M23 houses a high-capacity 5500mAH battery with 30W fast-charging support. It promises an amazing battery backup of up to 10.5 hours in single-ended headphone connection mode and up to 9 hours in balanced headphone connection mode. FiiO M23 is a highly promising portable audio player which is loaded with high-end components. FiiO promises big performance with the M23, and we are excited for it as well. It starts for just $699.99, you can check out more details here.

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