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FiiO M17:FiiO's First Flagship Transportable Music Player

FiiO M17:FiiO's First Flagship Transportable Music Player

2021 is the year of FiiO it seems. They are on a roll since the beginning of the year with several online launch events. Today, FiiO took the internet with a storm with their latest and first-ever transportable music player, the brand new FiiO M17. The latest M17 has been a highly-awaited concept from FiiO which was being discussed online for the past few months. M17 is different from our regular portable music players, It has desktop-grade stuff for groundbreaking performance. FiiO M17 is available with us priced at 1999.99$, check out more details here.

FiiO M17-1

Desktop-Grade Dual DAC Architecture:-

FiiO M17 adopts a Dual DAC architecture featuring a desktop-grade ES9038Pro DAC chip. ESS Sabre is a well-reputed American brand that designs high-performance chipsets. The ES9038Pro is a flagship-grade Desktop DAC chip that is featured in many different audio decoders. It provides extremely smooth sound decoding with high 140dB SNR and ultra-low -122dB THD+N values allowing one to enjoy high-resolution audio with ultimate quality.

FiiO M17-2

THX-788+, A Desktop-Grade Amplification Circuit:-

FiiO has experience in implementing high-quality THX amplification circuits in its devices. They have previously featured mobile THX AA circuits in the M11 series and the Q3 DAC/AMP. The latest M17 uses a desktop-grade THX AAA-788+ amplification module that is jointly developed by THX and FiiO. M17 produces an insanely powerful output capable of providing up to 3W of power through the balanced port.

FiiO M17-3

Ultra-Low Noise Power Supply System:-

Not just the DAC and Amp circuits are desktop-grade, FiiO has implemented a desktop-grade ultra-low noise power supply system with the M17. It has switchable modes between battery and DC power mode. The DC power supply allows high output amplitude and the battery power supply allows you to use the M17 in situations where there is no access to a power outlet. It uses a large 9500mAh battery. On the battery mode, M17 runs for up to 10H on single-ended mode and up to 8H on Bal output. A truly revolutionary desktop-portable device. 

FiiO M17-4

Desktop-Class Power Chipset:-

M17 has an outstanding configuration in the power department. The device has separate circuits for the digital and analog circuits. It has a 470mF DMF supercapacitor equivalent to 10,000 47uF tantalum capacitors providing a solid foundation for a large power supply. It has Ti LT3045 LDO that provides clean power to the DAC chip. M17 uses high-end OPA2211 OP-AMP that ensures stable current output for extremely clean signal amplification.

FiiO M17-5

Advanced Heat-Dissipation Design:-

M17 has a unibody aluminum alloy frame that is designed with utmost precision to dissipate all the internal heat outside. Internals use 3rd-gen VC liquid cooling technology keeping your device cool and smooth.

FiiO M17-6

Full Collection Of Input/Output Ports:-

FiiO M17 offers the users a full collection of input/output ports. You get access to 3.5mm headphone out/line-out, 6.35mm headphone out, 2.5 Bal headphone out, 4.4mm Bal headphone out+ line out, SPDIF Coaxial input/output, USB 3.0 for high-speed transmission and fast charging, and USB 2.0 for external DAC or Mobile hard disk. 

FiiO M17-7

Five Gain Levels For Your Demanding As Well As Sensitive Headphones:-

Pair your favorite headphones with the M17 without worrying about power issues. The device features five different gain levels for pairing your sensitive as well as demanding headphones. It has Low gain mode that provides -6dB gain, medium gain at 0dB, high gain at +6dB, Over-ear headphone mode for +13dB, and Enhanced over-ear headphone mode for +16dB of gain. Do note that all five gain levels are available in DC power supply mode.

FiiO M17-8

High-Class Design:-

FiiO M17 has a futuristic, seamless, CNC-finished aluminum unibody design. It boasts class and elegance with FiiO’s 7th-gen mech design frame. The Player evokes a sense of technological wonder with its brilliant 5.99” FHD+ display. It has radiant ambiance lights at the top volume wheel and at the side grill that are controllable separately.

FiiO M17-9

Dual Volume Controls:-

FiiO M17 has dual volume controls. It has an analog potentiometer volume knob at the top and physical volume keys at the side. The device is made using a high-precision CNC machining process for a comfortable grip while avoiding volume imbalance.

FiiO M17-10

Ultimate Wireless Bluetooth Experience:-

FiiO M17 uses Qualcomm’s latest QCC 5124 Bluetooth chip that provides the latest Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. It supports LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, SBC, AAC high-resolution Bluetooth transmission codecs.

FiiO M17-11

In-Built Gyroscope Sensor:-

FiiO M17 supports automatic screen rotation with its in-built gyroscope sensor. Get a full smartphone-like experience with the M17.

FiiO M17-12

Rich Accessories:-

Being a flagship transportable device, the FiiO M17 comes bundled with a bunch of rich high-quality accessories. The player comes packed with a cooling stand, an external DC power adapter, a leather case, a USB 3.0 data and power cable, and an aluminum alloy dust plug. Use your M17 rough and tough with all these accessories included with the device.

FiiO M17-13

Price & Availability:-

FiiO M17 is available on pre-order with us priced at 1999.99$. Shipments will begin shortly. Order yours today.

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