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FiiO Launches FX15 Six-Driver Hybrid IEMs: 4EST+1DD+1BA IEMs!!

FiiO Launches FX15 Six-Driver Hybrid IEMs: 4EST+1DD+1BA IEMs!!

In the ever-growing fast-paced world of technological advancements, there are a few brands that keep up with the pace and regularly introduce high-quality products. FiiO is one such brand, the name FiiO is widely recognized as one of the largest brands in the HiFi audio world. The brand makes everything right from IEMs, we have portable DACs, high-resolution audio players, etc. FiiO has a huge collection of in-ear monitors with many successful product series under their name, the “FD” series of single dynamic driver IEMs, the “FH” series of hybrid driver IEMs, just to name a few. Today, FIiO has come up with a brand new series with its latest launch, introducing the FiiO FX15. The FX15 is the first product from the brand to feature a hybrid setup with EST driver implementation. With deep research and professional adjustments, FiiO has achieved top-level pure high-resolution sound output with the outstanding FiiO FX15, let’s know more about the pair.

FiiO FX15-1

FiiO FX15 is launched officially for 799.99$, you can check out more information and features about the FX15 over here.

FiiO has equipped the FX15 with three different types of drivers. The pair houses a 10mm DLC Dynamic driver unit specially customized for a strong lower-end response, a Knowles high-performance BA driver for crisp midrange and smooth treble response, and four units of highly resolving low-voltage EST drivers from SONION on each side. These EST drivers are carefully chosen, they are implemented here for crisp high-definition response in the high-frequency region. With professional tuning adjustments, the FiiO FX15 purely represents your music with exclusive details making your every session better!!

FiiO FX15-2

FiiO has worked closely with HexGears, a professional 3D printing brand in China. They have together designed the ergonomic shape and lightweight shell of the FX15 where each earpiece weighs only about 6 grams.  FiiO has used high-precision DLP 3D printing technology for a precise structured build. With a triangular shape, the pair boasts stunning looks thanks to the unique “Sound and Shape” inspired design. FiiO FX15 has got exciting looks thanks to the designer face covers with a conceptual geometrical design theme!!

FiiO FX15-3

FiiO FX15 features the patented S.Turbo acoustic design architecture. It incorporates an ultra-thin and long acoustic tube that greatly improves the bass response with the pair. Users can also enable or disable the EST drivers. There’s a switch that allows the users to control the working of the EST drivers(On means EST drivers on and Off means they are turned off).

FiiO bundles the FX15 with a rich set of accessories, this includes multiple sets of premium quality eartips, HB1 carry case, etc. The pair comes with a high-purity sterling silver stock cable. It is a 224-core high-purity cable with MMCX connectors and a swappable termination plug system. Users will get 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs in the package that can be swapped easily.

FiiO FX15-4

FiiO FX15 is a breath of fresh air in the world of hybrid IEMs. FiiO has implemented EST drivers along with DD and BA driver traditional combination. The resulting performance is said to be excellent, a true high-end level sound resolution and performance. FiiO FX15 is launched officially for 799.99$, check more details on the product page over here.

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