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FiiO Launches FH15 Four-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Carbon Based Diaphragm Dynamic Driver & Balanced Armature Drivers

FiiO Launches FH15 Four-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Carbon Based Diaphragm Dynamic Driver & Balanced Armature Drivers

FiiO offers one of the largest collections of in-ear monitors in the market today. The brand deals in multiple varieties of IEMs offering multi-BA, single Dynamic driver, and multi-driver hybrid sets of in-ear monitors. Quite recently, FiiO took over the internet with their latest Winter launch event-II during which they released the FF5 earbuds, and a brand new pair of four-driver hybrid IEMs, the FiiO FH15. Over the past many years, FiiO has enhanced its technologies and designed several different successful hybrid models in the market. The latest FH15 brings an impressive sound with a quad-driver arrangement on each side. Careful designing, precise adjustments, and patented acoustic technologies help the FH15 deliver quality sound at its attractive price bracket.

FiiO FH15-1

FiiO FH15 is launched officially for an attractive price tag of 239.99$. You can check more features and functions here.

With their expert acoustic team, FiiO has worked for close to four years designing the 4-driver arrangement for the FH15. The pair reinvents the way you enjoy your music with its combination of a 10mm dynamic driver and three high-performance balanced armature drivers. FiiO has carefully designed this custom 10mm dd unit. They have treated it with a carbon-based diaphragm coil which is extremely rigid and lightweight, capable of delivering fast transients and soulful bass response. The Knowles BA drivers help the DD driver by producing crisp, high-resolution midrange and treble responses. FH15 adopts Notch Filter Technology for smoother, lusher, richer midrange and lively treble response. It also features FiiO’s patented S. Turbo technology that enables powerful bass response with the set.

FiiO FH15-2

FiiO has treated the pair with high-quality CNC machined aluminum alloy ear cavities. The shells look beautiful and are carved with great precision. They have an adjustable tuning function with the help of swappable nozzle filters. FH15 comes with three sets of nozzle filters in the package. With different densities for the nozzle mouth, these are able to bring noticeable differences in the output(One is for bass enhancement, another for treble, and the third one for balanced sound). FiiO FH15 comes with a high-quality silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable. The cable adopts expanded MMCX connectors and a swappable termination plug design. The package includes 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination plugs in the package.

FiiO FH15-3

FiiO has got years of experience in designing both budget and premium in-ear monitors. With the latest FH15, they target quality sound characteristics with a pocket-friendly price tag. The pair is launched officially for 239.99$, check out more information here.

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