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FiiO Launches FD11 Latest 10mm Dynamic Driver IEMs

FiiO Launches FD11 Latest 10mm Dynamic Driver IEMs

FiiO needs no introduction among audiophiles. The brand is widely recognized and known for its outstanding collection of HiFi audio products ranging across different categories and price brackets. FiiO has now come up with its latest entry-level pair of in-ear monitors, introducing the all-new FiiO FD11. Built on the success of many entry-level models like FiiO FD1, the brand-new FD11 adopts components and technologies implemented in other high-end products from the brand. This helps in achieving a taste of premium sound while being easy on a budget. It actually houses a 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver unit which is designed with a high-quality Carbon-based diaphragm. This driver was previously used in other successful models from the brand including FH15 and FF5. With the FD11, FiiO has aimed to bring innovative sound technology in the budget segment!!

FiiO FD11-1

FiiO FD11 is launched at an attractive price of 39.99$, check out more details here.

At the heart and core of the FD11, we have a single dynamic driver configuration. The pair packs a 10mm dual-cavity carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver unit. This driver has been finely tuned to deliver top-quality sound presenting lovely timbre, rich vocals, and smoothly detailed instruments. FiiO FD11 enriches your music listening experience with its lovely sound delivery. The pair adopts second-generation asymmetrical internal and external magnetic architecture. It utilizes high-power Neodymium N52 magnets that give the pair a whooping 111dB sensitivity. They ensure the diaphragm movement is swift and promises clean output with minimal distortion.

FiiO FD11-2

The pair features a simple bullet-shaped form factor with a C-shaped Acoustic Flute design. This flute design maintains the airflow inside the cavity structure and enhances the lower-end performance of the pair. FiiO FD11 ear shells are crafted using high-quality zinc alloy material using die-casting technology. They have a rich, premium finish, and are durable in the long run. FiiO bundles the FD11 with a high-quality 4-strand OFC copper cable. It adopts standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm gold-plated termination plug. FIiO FD11 is an exciting single dynamic driver IEM that comes at a very attractive price of just 34.99$. Check out more information and details here.

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