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FiiO Introduces "FT3": Their First Over-Ear Headphones With 60mm Large Dynamic Drivers

FiiO Introduces "FT3": Their First Over-Ear Headphones With 60mm Large Dynamic Drivers

FiiO is one of the most active HiFi audio brands from China. Today, they probably have one of the largest product catalogs that cover almost all the different categories in the Audio industry including AMPs, DACs, Portable Audio Players, IEMs, etc. FiiO has now entered into the world of over-ear headphones with the release of its first-ever over-ear headphones today, presenting the all-new FiiO FT3. With all the experience FiiO has gathered over the years, they have designed this new initiative with a large 60mm dynamic driver unit treated with an asymmetrical dual-magnetic circuit system enclosed in a hollow-design semi-open back headphone design. Take your musical enjoyment to an all-new level with the all-new FiiO FT3!!!

FiiO FT3-1

FiiO FT3 is launched officially for 299.99$, check out more details and information here.

FiiO FT3 offers the users the biggest driver in its price bracket with a huge 60mm composite diaphragm unit on each side. This driver unit adopts a high-quality beryllium-plated gasket + DLC material composite diaphragm. FiiO has got years of expertise in designing dynamic driver units for IEMs. This expertise has helped them in designing the ultra-thin, light, robust structure that the 60mm driver needs. Large dynamic driver results in powerful, deep-reaching lower-end response and high-power capacity resulting in lower distortion in the output signal. FiiO FT3 adopts a high-impedance design with 350Ω impedance ratings. Compared to lower-impedance headphones, high-impedance headphones filter out noise in a better way resulting in a cleaner background with higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio performance. FT3 benefits with its high-impedance design and delivers impressive clarity for the listeners.

FiiO FT3-2

FiiO FT3 features a dual magnetic structure design. The driver has asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit systems that produce a powerful magnetic flux resulting in the swift movement of the diaphragm coil and enhancing the output with ultra-low distortion and improved driver control. FiiO has designed the FT3 with an exclusive all-aluminum build structure. The headphones have a hollow-mesh structure with a semi-open back cavity design. The ear cups have 3-axis swiveling enabling a comfortable fit for the users. FiiO has placed the driver in an angled way to bring them in parallel to the listener's ears. This helps in bringing down unwanted sound signal reflections inside the cavity and promising a purer sound experience for the listeners.

FiiO FT3-3

FiiO bundles the FT3 with a high-purity Furukawa single-crystal copper cable. The cable adopts dual 3.5mm connectors on the headphone side and a swappable 3.5 mm-4.4 mm termination plug system. The package for FT3 includes 3.5mm to 6.35mm and 4.4mm to 4-pin XLR connectors as well. FiiO FT3 is the brand’s first-ever headphones, and considering their years of experience, it looks interesting. FiiO has priced the FT3 at 299.99$, you can check out more information here.

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