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FiiO FH3 Released Latest Triple Driver IEM

FiiO FH3 Released Latest Triple Driver IEM

There goes no month in a year where we don’t get to see the latest products from FiiO. They have a large team always doing research and development to improve the audio product lineup. The best part about FiiO is they focus on customers from all the price range like they have their entry-level DAP at about a 100$, the M3 Pro, and their DAP range goes up till 1300$ with the FiiO M15 Flagship. Their products offer a brilliant price to performance ratio with a strong build quality and outstanding sonic performance. It’s just been a few days when the brand launched its flagship pair of earbuds the FiiO EM5. Today the brand has announced a high-performing mid-tier pair of in-ear monitors, the FiiO FH3. It is a triple hybrid driver pair capable of satisfying the needs of today’s audiophiles. It’s not just the hybrid driver configuration that makes the pair different from the other triple driver IEM’s in the market, it’s the implementation of FiiO’s patented S.Turbo Acoustic Tubes technology, and also FiiO’s patented Balance Relief technology. The pair is priced at 159$, you can check out more details here.


>Triple Driver Hybrid Setup featuring One beryllium coated diaphragm DD unit and Two Knowles BA units.

>FiiO’s Patented Balance Relief Technology.

>FiiO’s Patented S.Turbo Acoustic Tube Technology.

>High-Quality Silver Plated Mono Crystalline Cable.

FiiO’s Patented Technologies:-

FiiO FH3-1

FiiO has implemented its own patented technologies in the FH3 to make it sonically just perfect. It uses their S.Turbo Acoustic Tube technology in which they use smooth turbine-inspired acoustic tubes that effectively reduces the inter-frequency distortion due to multiple drivers and unwanted higher frequencies too. They have also implemented their Balance Relief technology that balances the air pressure in the front and rear chambers. Both these technologies ensure there is no distortion at all and users get to experience a rich sound clarity.

Hybrid Setup, Stellar Sonic Performance:-

FiiO FH3-2

There is a triple driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of one beryllium coated diaphragm dynamic driver unit and two Knowles balanced armature units. The pair produces rich sonic details with crisp clarity. The lower end shows a deep impact with its beryllium coated DD unit, mids show lush vocals with natural tonality and outstanding acoustic details. Higher frequencies are represented beautifully showing no signs of distortion or sibilance even at louder volumes. Users will be able to enjoy this properly tuned pair with any genre of music they might prefer as it suits them all.

High Purity Cable:-

FiiO FH3-3

Usually, the cable included in the package for budget audio equipment is made up of SPC cables. But here with the FH3, the case is different, we have bundled the FiiO FH3 with a high-purity silver-coated pure monocrystalline copper cable. It shows better fidelity and the ability to resolve details providing a disturbance-free signal transmission between the audio source and the earpieces.

The FiiO FH3 seems to be a very promising pair of earphones packed with all the latest technologies. From the tuning response of their previous pairs, We have good hopes with the FH3 and really looking forward to it. The inclusion of a silver-coated monocrystalline cable is also a plus point in the favour of FH3. The pair is priced at 159$, check out more details here.


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Milind Soni - August 19, 2020

Hello, I had been auditioning number of iem’s I the lockdown period and didn’t got satisfied as Polaris v2 and dk3001 pro. I would love to audition this one as I had used fh1 the entry level stuff and was quite happy.

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