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FIiO FH11 Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs

FIiO FH11 Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs

FiiO is a well-known brand in the HiFi audio industry. The brand has a huge catalog of products ranging from in-ear monitors to digital audio players, and more. FiiO is actually one of the most active brands in the industry with regular releases planned throughout the year. Quite recently, FiiO has been introducing amazing products in the affordable price segment. They released the FD11, a single DD entry-level IEM a few months back, and today, we are proudly launching their very latest dual-driver hybrid IEM, the FiiO FH11. Both the FD11 and the FH11 belong to their latest “Bionic Conch” series of IEMs which aims to deliver quality products with enhanced sound and exquisite looks and goes easy on the pocket as well.

FiiO FH11-1

With a dual-driver hybrid setup, the FiiO FH11 houses a 10mm dynamic driver with a carbon-based diaphragm and a customized BA driver to complement this DD unit with a crispy treble. FIiO FH11 is launched officially for just 49.99$, you can check out more information and details here.

As mentioned earlier, the FH11 is a dual-driver hybrid IEM with a 10mm carbon-based DD and a customized Balanced Armature driver on each side. The carbon-based diaphragm has a lightweight design, lighter than traditionally used Aluminum alloy, beryllium diaphragm, and has a strong tensile strength. This driver produces a clear lower-end with a dynamic and punchy presentation and lovely midrange clarity. FiiO has incorporated a custom-developed balanced armature driver that complements the DD with its crisp and defined treble. The pair has a finely-tuned frequency response with a warm and smooth presentation. It delivers a fast, punchy, dynamic lower-end response with clear vocals and smoothly presented instruments.

FiiO FH11-2

The dual drivers here are arranged in a three-chamber acoustic cavity structure. FiiO has designed this acoustic arrangement with an experienced team of audio engineers. The pair also has a properly implemented dampening structure that manages the air pressure inside each of these chambers independently. FIiO FH11 also has a C-shaped acoustic flute design, together with this three-chamber acoustic structure, this helps in producing a clear and refined sound presentation that complements different genres of music well.

FiiO FH11-3

FiiO FH11 has an exquisite build structure. The pair has got stunning looks, thanks to its liquid die-cast zinc-alloy material build. The shells are light in weight and have properly designed aesthetics that help in achieving a comfortable wearing experience for most users. FiiO FH11 adopts high-quality 120-core oxygen-free copper cable. This cable has standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors which will allow for easy upgrade or replacement in the future. It has standard 3.5mm termination which enables access to most sources worldwide. FiiO FH11 promises quality sound and packs a stunning design. It has been finely tuned to deliver a pure Hi-Res sound experience. With an attractive price tag of just 49.99$, the FiiO FH11 is an amazing deal!! Know more information here.

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