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FiiO FF5 Brand New Earbuds with 14.2mm Newly-Developed Carbon-Based Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

FiiO FF5 Brand New Earbuds with 14.2mm Newly-Developed Carbon-Based Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

FiiO took over the internet with their Winter Launch Event-II 2022 today evening. They have upgraded their earbuds lineup with the release of the brand new FiiO FF5. FF5 is their fourth release in the earbud category after the successful EM3, EM5, and FF3. With a specially developed carbon-based 14.2mm dynamic driver unit, the FF5 promises exceptional performance with great vocal clarity. It has been tuned to deliver impressive vocals that enchant you with its rich tone and attractive details. Experience quality vocals with exceptional instrument detailing with the all-new FiiO FF5.

FiiO FF5-1

FiiO FF5 is launched for 139.99$, check out more information here.

With their years of experience in designing premium audio gears, FiiO has developed a brand new 14.2mm dynamic driver unit with a carbon-based composite diaphragm coil. It has a PU Gasket suspension. FiiO has carefully designed the Carbon-Based diaphragm with a perfect lightweight design and solid rigid structure. With a powerful magnetic architecture around, the diaphragm moves swiftly and delivers quality sound with lower distortion and cleaner output. FiiO has treated the FF5 with a diffuse open-back cavity design. The shell of the FF5 looks like the petals of a flower with open-back grills. This diffuse open-back cavity design maintains the air pressure build-up inside the cavity and delivers cleaner sound.

FiiO FF5-2

FiiO FF5 is tuned professionally to deliver a rich, organic sound response. The pair delivers quality vocals with ultimate clarity and a rich organic tone. With an extended Bass Acoustic Resistance Pipe Design, FF5 effortlessly increases and extends the bass response in the output. FiiO FF5 has got lightweight ear shells. The buds are crafted using a CNC machining process carved out of high-quality aluminum alloy material. Each cavity weighs just only 3.4 grams. Not to mention the outstandingly beautiful design of the pair that gives it great looks.

FiiO FF5-3

FF5 comes bundled with a high-purity 4-Strand 392 core stock cable. The wire adopts a high-quality silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with a swappable termination plug design. It comes with a 3.5mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced plug in the package. FiiO FF5 is launched officially for 139.99$, you can check out more information here.

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