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FiiO E10K Type-C: Latest Affordable USB DAC/AMP With Type-C Connector

FiiO E10K Type-C: Latest Affordable USB DAC/AMP With Type-C Connector

FiiO E10K has been a wonderful USB DAC/AMP that offered excellent performance at an affordable price. The only noticeable drawback with the E10K is its Micro USB input connection for today's time. But FiiO has always kept its product catalog up to date with the latest technology. So, Today FiiO has introduced an upgraded variant for the famous E10K with a new USB Type-C port, the brand new FiiO E10K TC(Type-C). The latest E10K-TC features a flagship-grade XMOS XU208 USB signal processor for impeccable audio signal transmission over USB connections. It enables support for 32-Bit/384kHz PCM decoding with its PCM5102 DAC chip. FiiO E10K-TC has two-level gains to support headphones with different impedance modes. It also supports a bass boost switch to get an extra punch in the lower end. FiiO E10K-TC is launched officially for 82.99$. Check out more details here.

FiiO E10K TC-1


>Latest Generation XMOS XU208 USB Chip.

>Advanced PCM5102 DAC Chip.

>High-Current Amp Circuit.

>USB Type-C Connector.

>Headphone Output.

>Line-out, Coaxial Out.

>Two Gain Levels.

>Bass Boost Switch.

>Blue LED Indicator.

>Output Power: >/= 200mW(32 Ohm).

>SNR: >/=114dB.

>Coaxial Out: Up to 192kHz/24-bit.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16 ohm-150 ohm.

Fiio E10K TC-2

Simple, Compact, Easy To Carry:-

FiiO E10K is a compact, easy-to-carry USB DAC/AMP that has a simple form factor. Users can carry it around easily and enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere. The device can be operated easily with its simple design, making it your perfect companion to enjoy high-resolution music.

High-Resolution Audio Decoding With Flagship-Grade XMOS USB Chip and Advanced PCM DAC:-

FiiO E10K TC features a flagship-grade XMOS XU208 8-core USB signal processor paired with an advanced PCM5102 DAC chip. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM signal decoding with ultimate clarity and low noise-floor. It has an optimized low-pass filter and Bass circuit design that ensures a low-noise floor with the E10K-TC.

FiiO E10K TC-3

High-Current Amplification Circuit:-

FiiO has designed the latest E10K-TC with a high-current amplification circuit. It ensures great output power with a great transient response, low distortion, and low noise-floor in the output. Users can enjoy high-definition music with their IEMs and Headphones with the E10K-TC.

Two-Level Gain & Bass Boost Switch:-

FiiO E10K-TC features a two-level gain switch and a bass boost switch. High-gain mode is for headphones with a high impedance that benefits from extra power, effectively improving their performance. The bass boost switch, as the name suggests brings an extra punch in the lower end.

FiiO E10K TC-4

Keeping Up With Today’s Tech With Type-C Connector:-

The technological world is settling around with Type-C USB connectors. All the latest smartphones, digital audio players, USB DAC’s are ditching on the micro-USB port and switching to the advanced Type-C connections. The E10K-TC adopts a USB Type-C connector along with upgraded USB Audio Class to 2.0 to provide impeccable audio signal transmission with a USB Connection.

Price & Availability:-

FiiO E10K-TC follows its former model in terms of being affordable. With all these advanced features and high-tech performance, the E10K-TC is available to purchase for just 82.99$. Shipments have already begun, order yours today here.

As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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