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FiiO CP13 Stereo Cassette Player: Trip Down The Memory Lane!!

FiiO CP13 Stereo Cassette Player: Trip Down The Memory Lane!!

FiiO is all ready to bring nostalgia to our musical pleasure. With its latest release, FiiO is taking us down the memory lane bringing back those good old days when Audio Cassettes used to be our main source of music enjoyment. Do you remember those days when we used to sit at audio stores and purchase boxes full of audio cassettes?? Well, FiiO brings back those glorious memories with the all-new FiiO CP13. FiiO CP13 is an all-new portable stereo Cassette player that is all set to bring us a pure 100% analog sound listening experience!!

FiiO CP13-1

FiiO CP13 is launched on pre-order priced at $129 in its stunning Blue-Silver color theme. You can check out more details here.

As we all know, FiiO has been at the forefront of developing some serious HiFi Audio products. For the past many years they have dedicatedly designed premium in-ear monitors, headphones, USB DACs, digital audio players, etc. With the latest FiiO CP13, the brand ode its tribute to the OG Walkman that was released back in the 1980s. The design and feel of the CP13 are exactly like those amazing walkmans, we have mechanical buttons to operate the device, and we have an eye-catching design. The front of the CP13 also has a small window that shows the movement of the Cassette tape inside. It’s just going back to the roots of pure musical pleasure.

FiiO CP13-2

FiiO CP13 is designed to bring you a 100% Pure analog sound feel. It has that charm and smoothness of Audio Cassettes and reproduces their sound with great performance. FiiO has equipped the CP13 with some new-generation optimized hardware such as a Super Large Pure Copper flywheel, balanced amplification magnetic head, high-voltage driven motor power supply, dual-mode power supply design, etc. They greatly improve the performance and drivability of the CP13 making the use of Stereo Cassettes a pleasurable experience with the CP13. It also has a low WOW and flutter rate promising consistent performance.

FiiO CP13-3

FiiO CP13 comes equipped with an audiophile-grade JRC5532 OPAMP. It provides the proper amplification required to drive IEMs and Headphones on the go. FiiO has featured a standard 3.5mm headphone output for universal connectivity with most products. With its high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, FiiO CP13 promises an amazing battery backup of up to 13 hours with a full charge.

FiiO CP13-4

FiiO CP13 is a nostalgic product designed not only to provide a rich and mesmerizing output but also to promise a retro experience to the users. An experience which will take you back a step to your childhood or younger days. FiiO CP13 is currently available on pre-order for just $129, check out more details here.

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