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FiiO Announces Its first Desktop DAC Amplifier: K5 PRO, now available for $219.99

FiiO Announces Its first Desktop DAC Amplifier: K5 PRO, now available for $219.99

First Desktop DAC/AMP K5 pro of Fiio formal sale starts today, at 10 o'clock of 27th, August. According to reports, it is scheduled to be ship in September, but it could change. As for pricing, it is 219.99 USD. It looks really promising as an all-in-one desktop solution. At present, there just aren’t a lot of (i.e., any) good DAC/AMP around  $200 all-in-one desktop solutions.


Fiio K5 Pro 1

Features of FiiO K5 Pro 

AK4493 DAC chip
Output ports: 6.35mm/RCA  
Input Ports: USB/Coaxial/Optical/RCA
Professional Audio Architecture
USB DAC: 768K/32Bit,DSD512
Driving headphones with ease
Professional Audio Architecture: LPF+Voltage Amplification+Current Driving
Gain: High/Mid/Low
RGB Indicator: Blue/Green/Yellow
Input Ports: Coaxial/Optical/RCA
Size: 120.5mm*130mm*55mm
Fiio K5 Pro 2
K5 Pro follows the success of the K5 which is an amp without decoding function.  To continue the unique positioning and high-end design of K5, Fiio launched the updated K5 pro based on K5 and added decoding function. The K5 Pro not only connects to the player via a digital audio interface but also works with a computer as a professional desktop decoding AMP. 


Fiio K5 pro from is a high-quality headphone amplifier and DAC with a DAC chip AKM AK4493EQ providing 32bit and VELVET sound level. The headphone amplifier K5 pro also utilizes an XMOS XUF208 USB chipset, which provides 768kHz/32bit and DSD hardware decoding. The headphone output offers three gain settings which accommodate a variety of headphone sensitivities. There are blue/green/yellow three-color RGB sampling rate indicator on K5 pro. 
Fiio K5 Pro 3

For connections, the K5 pro offers stereo RCA inputs and outputs, as well as a balanced output via TRS 1/4" / 6.35 mm. A USB port is offered as a pass-through for USB functions such as USB storage read/write and USB DAC functions. The K5 Pro ships with a power supply.


Fiio K5 is currently one of the hottest and more popular budget portable DAC. Quite a lot of K5 features have been carried over that makes Fiio K5 pro a compelling AMP/DAC at $219.99
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