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FiiO Announces All-New M11S Dual ES9038Q2M Android Digital Audio Player

FiiO Announces All-New M11S Dual ES9038Q2M Android Digital Audio Player

Last week at the first Autumn Launch Event, FiiO introduces the amazing FH7S Hybrid IEMs. Today, FiiO took over the internet with their second Autumn launch event announcing the all-new FiiO M11S. The M11S is the latest generation of the highly-acclaimed M11 Android Digital Audio Player. FiiO has designed the audio architecture of the M11S with dual ES9038Q2M DAC Chips independent for the left and right channels. ES9038Q2M is a highly-appreciated 32-Bit DAC chip that is being featured in some top-selling products in the market today. It enables the M11S to produce excellent clarity with high-resolution details and noise-free clean background.

FiiO M11S-1

M11S is launched officially for 499.99$, refer here for more information.

FiiO has equipped the M11S with their self-developed 4th-gen FPGA phase-locked loop technology, that provides a high-precision low-jitter unified clock source for the entire audio architecture. They have featured a specially designed power supply arrangement on the M11S powering the amplifier and opamp sections independently and completely isolated from each other. FiiO M11S features a newly-developed amp section that produces a whooping 670mW of clean output power easily driving most IEMs and some headphones!!

M11S uses the Snapdragon 660 SOC chip with four big and four small core architectures. This allows the M11S to provide a smooth smartphone-like smooth user experience. FiiO has loaded the M11S with upgraded Android 10 OS with a global SRC Bypass, allowing the users to access high-resolution audio across different media applications. It also supports high-resolution two-way Bluetooth transmission with high-resolution LHDC and LDAC transmission support. FiiO M11S houses a large 5300mAh battery with QC4.0 support. It provides a battery backup of about 15 hours on a single charge.

FiiO M11S boasts classy looks with their latest-generation Honeycomb design, the same as they featured on the M11 Plus/M17 series of Android Digital Players. With the M11S, FiiO revives its mid-range segment of Android digital audio players, bringing high-resolution portable audio in a compact form factor and a pocket-friendly price!!

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