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Fidue Sirius MK-II released: Reference Level Studio Monitor!!!!

Fidue Sirius MK-II released: Reference Level Studio Monitor!!!!

Fidue Acoustics is a China-based audio equipment brand, well known for its reference level products. They have a wide range of products like Fidue A73 hybrid in-ear monitor or their reference class earphones, the Fidue Sirius.

In January 2020, The brand has released the latest iteration of their reference class In-ear Monitor, the Fidue Sirius Mk-II.

The Fidue Sirius Mk-II is a reference class In-ear Monitor, with a five driver hybrid setup which has four units of well-tuned Balanced Armature driver units and one Graphene coated Dynamic Driver. The pair is priced at 969$ which you can order right now through our store here.

Hybrid Drivers with Graphene coated Dynamic Driver:-

In Fidue Sirius Mk-II, the sound reproduction is handled by a hybrid driver setup where four custom-tuned reference level balanced armature drivers provides you a smooth and lush mids and detailed treble response with no peakiness, while the lower end is handled by a single graphene-coated dynamic driver which provides a quick and thumpy bass response. Graphene is a very premium material that provides better durability, lower distortion, and no vibrations providing uninterrupted sound output.

The sound output is purely balanced and neutral with great detail retrieval, micro details are rendered properly with good sound resolution and natural imaging. Instrument Timbre is purely natural with good details.

Ergonomic Design with Better Fit:-

Fidue Sirius Mk-II has an ergonomic design with smaller shells which provides a better and comfortable fit to the users, the earpieces have shiny metal faceplates with Fidue branding logo printed on the front.

Acoustic Chambers for 3D sound Effect:-

The Fidue Sirius MK-II has specially designed 3D acoustic chambers, which provides ample space for the drivers to breathe and provide its users with unmatched sound output.

High-Quality Pure Crystal Silver Hybrid Cable:-

Fidue Sirius MK-II comes with an 8-core high-quality single crystal copper and silver hybrid cable with 2.5mm termination. It has ultra-low internal resistance and provided high-quality audio transmission with no interruptions and delays. It also has different connectors included in the package like 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced to 4.4mm balanced, and a 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter.


Difference Between Fidue Sirius Mk-I and Mk-II:-

  • The Fidue Sirius MK-II provides a significantly better fit. The cavity is smaller with more rounded outer corners which provides a comfortable fit to its users as compared to the previous generation.
  • Wire quality has been upgraded, the Mark-II comes with an 8-core single crystal copper and silver hybrid cable, it also has multiple wire connectors included in the package like 2.5mm-3.5mm, 2.5mm-4.4mm and more.
  • The dynamic driver unit has gone through a quality change, unlike the previous gen's high-polyester diaphragm unit the Fidue Sirius MK-II has a graphene-coated diaphragm dynamic driver unit, which provides better sound quality, wider staging, more natural sound output.
  • The Fidue Sirius MK-II has a better and improved lower end, with good quality thumps and quick, clean bass response as compared to its previous generation.

The Fidue Sirius MK-II looks like a very promising pair of reference level studio monitors, which provides a balanced and neutral sound output, the pair is available to order at various online stores and shipments have already started for the same.

If you really like the pair, you can order one from yourself from our store here.



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