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Fidue Gem 4 Latest 4-Balanced Armature Driver IEMs Available Now

Fidue Gem 4 Latest 4-Balanced Armature Driver IEMs Available Now

Fidue Acoustics is a HiFi audio equipment brand based in China. The name Fidue might sound confusing but Each letter of FIDUE stands for F- Fidelity, I- Inspired, D- Durable, U- Unique, E- Enjoyable. FIDUE is dedicated to produce high-fidelity audio earphones and upgrade cables with multiple successful products such as Asteroid, Sirius Mk ii, Artemis, and more. Today FIDUE has released its latest multi-BA IEM, FIDUE Gem 4 featuring four high-performance BA drivers on each side. The pair is designed by professional engineers with years of experience in the audio field implementing advanced techniques such as three-way electronic frequency division, independent sound cavity, and more to achieve a natural, high-resolution performance with the Gem 4. Fidue Gem 4 is available to purchase from our store for 479.99$, check out more details here.

Fidue Gem 4-1


>High-Performance 4BA setup on each side featuring custom-made BA drivers.

>Natural, Transparent sound tuning.

>Three-way electronic frequency division.

>Independent Acoustic Cavity.

>Independent Air-Diversion A.G. module.

>High-purity Silver-plated Monocrystalline Copper cable.

>Standard 2-pin connectors.

>Medical-grade Resin shells made using 3D printing technology.

>Impedance: 50 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 112dB.

>Input Power: 50mW.

>THD+N: <1%.

Fidue Gem 4-2

Quad-Driver High-Resolution Balanced Armature Configuration:-

Fidue has designed a custom-tuned four balanced armature driver composite speaker for the Gem 4. The pair produces a high-resolution crisp sound output with strong bass, accurate midrange, and sweet treble, a transparent sound according to the Fidue acoustic engineers.

Accurate Three-Way Frequency Division:-

Fidue has years of experience in multi-unit IEM tuning and designing. The Gem 4 has received a mature multi-channel electronic frequency division circuit. The energy of this circuit is finely adjusted to make the different driver units perform to the top of their potential.

Fidue Gem 4-3

Independent Acoustic Cavity Design:-

Fidue uses its own designed independent acoustic cavity structure without any damping. This no damping not only reduces unnecessary harmonics caused by ducts and dampening tools, in fact, it also contributes to the natural, transparent sound tuning of the pair. The sound cavity modules are completely separated from the ground effectively reducing crosstalk between each driver unit.

FIDUE Independent Air Diversion A.G. Module:-

Gem 4 features an independent air diversion AG module specially designed for Balanced Armature drivers. They provided an air vent for the powerful woofer like with DD units. It greatly improves the sound quality with strong power, clarity, and resolution.

Fidue Gem 4-4

High-Purity Silver-Plated Single Crystal Copper Cable:-

Fidue Gem 4 is bundled with a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable that has very low internal resistance to the sound signal and at the same time, it greatly improves the channel separation degree. It has standard 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug for easy connectivity.

3D-Printed Medical-Grade Resin Ear Shells:-

In order to reduce the acoustic error caused by the difference in the accuracy of shell production, Fidue has opted for a high-precision 3D printing process to craft the Gem 4 earphones. They are made using skin-friendly medical-grade resin material that also helps in making the pair light-weight and comfortable. The pair has an ergonomic design which allows the users to have a comfortable, firm fit with high levels of environmental noise isolation.

Pricing & Availability:-

Fidue Gem 4 is officially launched worldwide. It is available with us for just 479.99$. Grab yours here!!

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