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F.Audio Premium High-Fidelity Audio Gear Now Available on HiFiGo!!

F.Audio Premium High-Fidelity Audio Gear Now Available on HiFiGo!!

Over the years, F.Audio has made itself a good reputation as a leading HiFi audio gear brand from China. The brand is known for its exclusive range of products, especially new-generation Hi-Res audio players, USB decoders, etc. Today, we are proudly launching F.Audio products to our ever-growing catalogue of products with three of their latest products including the F.Audio FA4 Premium DAP, T3 compact touchscreen music player, and KS01 premium portable USB DAC/AMP. Check out the complete F.Audio catalogue over here.

F.Audio FA4: Premium Sounding, High-Equipped Audio Player!!

Price: 149$.

F.Audio FA4

Presenting the new-generation flagship portable audio player from F.Audio, the FA4. This beast comes equipped with advanced features such as crisp high-res audio signal decoding, dual ES9038Q2M DAC arrangement, Two-Way Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced OPAMP-based Amp section, and many more features. The FA4 has exclusive PCM 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD1024 audio signal decoding support. The FA4 is designed with 4.4mm+3.5mm+2.5mm output options allowing the users to use their favorite products with ease. It also has USB DAC functionality, a CNC-machined aluminium alloy chassis, seven digital filters, enhanced battery backup, etc. features that enhance the user experience. F.Audio FA4 is a fantastic music player launched at a fantastic price of just 149$, check out more details here.

F.Audio KS01 Portable USB DAC/AMP!!

Price: 45$.

F. Audio KS01

Do you prefer using portable USB DAC/AMPs with your smartphones and other devices for Hi-Res audio requirements?? The F.Audio KS01 is a great choice with an independent ES038Q2M decoding chipset and ES9603Q amplification chipset. This little device has a true HiFi level audio circuit architecture that enables decoding for crisp Hi-Res audio signals with an XMOS-based USB processor. The F.Audio KS01 supports decoding for advanced 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. It is simply a fantastic portable USB DAC/AMP with simple, compact CNC machined aluminium alloy chassis, and pure high-resolution audio signal decoding support. With a detachable cable design, the F.Audio KS01 can be used with a variety of sources. The KS01 is a solid choice for everyday music listening on the go. At just 45$, the F.Audio KS01 delivers impeccable sound characteristics. Check out more information here.

F.Audio T3 Compact Touchscreen Portable Audio Player!!

Price: 63$.

F Audio T3

Last but not least, we have the F.Audio T3, a highly-compact Hi-Res audio player with a touchscreen display. The T3 comes packed with a premium designed audio circuitry consisting of dual ES9318C decoding chips supporting advanced PCM and DSD audio signal decoding. It packs a complete output interface with 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm output ports. With precise PLL Clock synchronization, the F.Audio T3 is designed to deliver impressive sound characteristics. It has a rich flavoful output that enchants the listeners with its quality. The F.Audio T3 supports other functions as well such as USB DAC functionality, Two-Way Bluetooth connectivity, Seven digital filters, etc. everything that makes the experience better for the users. Packed with a large capacity 1500mAh battery, the F.Audio T3 boasts an exciting playback time of over 12 hours. At just 63$, the F.Audio T3 is an exciting Hi-Res player to look forward to. Check out more details on the T3 over here.

Final Words:-

F.Audio has crafted these products with deep research and development. Each of the three above-mentioned products delivers not only great sound performance but also has an exquisite CNC-machined metallic frame as well. The brand creates products that deliver high-fidelity sound along with robust build at attractive, pocket-friendly prices. We are proud to bring the outstanding F.Audio products lineup for you guys, make sure you check the entire catalogue here. We will be working continuously to bring new and advanced products from top brands in the industry.

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