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Explore The World Of Mechanical Keyboards With Mechkeys

Explore The World Of Mechanical Keyboards With Mechkeys

HiFiGo has been a pioneer name when it comes to HiFi audio gears, all thanks to the support from our beloved community. We at HiFiGo have always aimed at bringing you the best gears at the best prices, everything you might need for your HiFi audio setup we brought them all under one roof only at HiFiGo.com. We have always tried our best to offer high-quality audio equipment in the market at different price segments. With all your support and love, we have been shipping HiFi audio gears in over 50 countries worldwide, anything you want from our huge collection of digital audio players, Portable USB DAC/AMPs, and In-Ear Monitors, we provide priority and express shipping to most European and US countries.

MechKeys Announcement-1

Today, we are launching another venture, we are entering into the world of mechanical keyboards and their accessories, let's visit us at Mechkeys.com. Mechanical Keyboards, like audio, is a great hobby with enthusiasts all over the world. Just like we have audio enthusiasts, and audiophiles, we also have a huge community of mechanical keyboard lovers. People who just love to experience new Switches, design their own keyboards using new Keycaps, Artisan Keycaps, novelty keycaps, or just want a good quality fully-assembled pre-build keyboards, we will be bringing you all these under a single roof again, come visit us at www.mechkeys.com. Mechkeys will make sure, you get the best products from top brands in the industry including Keychron, Ducky, IQUNIX, DURGOD, KBDFans, and many more. You will get every single thing you might need to make your own DIY mechanical keyboard right from the barebone chassis to lubes and switch openers, Mechkeys will be bringing you everything.

MechKeys Announcement-2

At Mechkeys we will offer priority shipping to most US and European countries with Tax and duty paid and delivery in just 1 to 2 weeks. We also offer express shipping worldwide, for more details on our shipping policy, do refer here. For warranty and returns, Mechkeys will offer a 7-day no-condition return policy. For our complete warranty and return policies, do refer to the link here.

We believe, we have made a special place in your heart with our HiFi audio products and accessories at HiFiGo, we aim to provide you with a similar trusted experience with Mechkeys.com where you can purchase Keycaps, Switches, Fully-assembled keyboards, and their accessories with full warranty and support. We will make sure you get the best experience with faster shipping, full warranty, friendly customer support, and the best prices online!!

Mechkeys.com is all ready to launch, do drop us a visit and explore our catalog of awesome keyboards and their accessories. To celebrate the launch with all our existing customers on HiFiGo we have a 5$ discount coupon for your first purchase at MechKeys(Coupon code: MECHKEYSHIFIGO5). For any further assistance and support, you can write to us at support@mechkeys.com. We aim to deliver a top-quality user-friendly experience to you like we always have with HiFiGo, if you have any questions, we would love to listen from you :)

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Dankify - July 18, 2022

Congratulations HiFiGo! I think your new venture will be a huge success with the growing market of PC enthusiasts around the globe. I hope to see products and groupbuys to help consumers save money on niche keycaps, frames, etc. I’m in the market for a new keyboard and will keep my eyes on the new website.

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