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Elysian Acoustics Introduces DIVA 2023: Revamped The Classic Six-BA Driver IEMs

Elysian Acoustics Introduces DIVA 2023: Revamped The Classic Six-BA Driver IEMs

Elysian Acoustics has released an update to their classic multi-BA IEM, presenting the all-new Elysian DIVA 2023. DIVA from Elysian is a highly-acclaimed pair of multi-BA IEMS with six high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. The pair is highly praised for its outstanding clarity and lovely vocal presentation. Elysian takes the performance ahead with the DIVA 2023 with an improved 2nd generation Crossover board, better build with stainless steel nozzle, and improved internal wiring. With improved 2nd gen crossover, the DIVA 2023 has a better balance between the frequencies, and the resulting sound is much improved over the previous one.

Elysian Diva 2023-1

Elysian Acoustics DIVA 2023 is currently available on pre-order for just 1599$. Shipments will begin in April as per the order number. You can check more details here.

DIVA 2023 features a combination of six carefully chosen and professionally adjusted balanced armature drivers on each side. The drivers have been adjusted in a four-way frequency crossover with professional tuning adjustments. DIVA 2023 produces a crisp, wide, expansive sound with lovely vocals and a wide soundstage. This second-gen crossover takes the full benefit of each driver unit delivering top-quality performance with lower distortion and clearer background.

Elysian Diva 2023-2

With a three-way rotating bass switch, one can adjust the bass response as they like it to. The pair houses a 3-way rotating tuning switch that allows the users to control the level of bass they want with the DIVA 2023. Elysian has redesigned the internal arrangement of the DIVA 2023 with better and upgraded wiring. The pair now features high-quality UPOCC Copper and Silver-Litz material.

Elysian Diva 2023-4

DIVA 2023 is a beautifully crafted pair. It featured beautiful glittery patterns on the face covers. Elysian has made the beautiful pair available in three exciting colors, Blue, Black, and Red. Each one of them looks amazing and has a comfortable ergonomic shape. Elysian DIVA 2023 is crafted to deliver an exciting listening experience with exceptional vocal clarity. You can pre-order the Elysian Acoustics DIVA 2023 for just 1599$, Check out more information here.

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