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Effect Audio x Z Reviews Cadmus 8W 10th Anniversary Special Edition IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio x Z Reviews Cadmus 8W 10th Anniversary Special Edition IEM Upgrade Cable

Z Reviews is a worldwide famous media channel on YouTube handled single-handedly by Zeos. Over the past 10 years, Zeos has created content for the audiophile community specializing in HiFi audio product reviews which are loved by the community widely and have gained him an extensive following as well. This month, Zeos celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Z Reviews channel and for this, he has prepared a surprise for its fans in collaboration with Effect Audio. Effect Audio as we all know is a premium IEM upgrade cable brand from Singapore.

Effect Audio x Z Reviews Cadmus 8W-1

Effect Audio along with Zeos have prepared a special edition for their exciting Cadmus 8W IEM upgrade cable. This new Cadmus 8W Z Reviews Edition is a limited edition product with only 300 units made available worldwide. It is launched officially for 329.99$, book yours today here.

Immerse yourself in the stunning glare of the limited Cadmus 8W Z Reviews edition. This limited edition cable has an elegant finish with a Regal Purple colour theme which matches perfectly with the silver shiny surface of the wires. The Cadmus 8W Z Reviews Edition comes complete with the ConX Basic Set and TermX-ready plug, providing users with the versatility to switch effortlessly between 2-pin and MMCX connectors, along with a choice of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm interchangeable termination, ensuring seamless compatibility across a wide range of devices. Users can use the cable with their choice of IEMs and source.

Effect Audio x Z Reviews Cadmus 8W-2

Cadmus 8W OG cable was released earlier this year. This cable is among the most successful cables by the brand so far. It achieves everything from a noticeable sound improvement to premium aesthetics. It is crafted especially using premium UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper Litz wire cores with a 24AWG diameter for each core. The cable has Effect Audio’s premium Ultra Flexi™ Insulation as well which protects the sound signal from outside interferences. For this special limited edition Z Review Anniversary special Cadmus 8W, the cable brings classy aesthetics with a stunning Purple color for the Y-Splitter, Connector cover, and Termination plug cover. It looks simply spectacular.

Effect Audio x Z Reviews Cadmus 8W-3

As a premium cable, Cadmus 8W Z Review Edition is designed to bring a controlled response with your IEMs. The pair has a tighter lower-end response, richer midrange accuracy, and smoother yet detailed treble response. Effect Audio x Z Review Cadmus 8W is a special cable which is limited to only 300 units worldwide. This cable brings outstanding aesthetics with improved sound response to your connected in-ear monitors.

Effect Audio x Z Reviews Cadmus 8W-4

Get the marvelous Z Review special edition which is only limited to 300 units worldwide for just 329.99$. Book yours today, shipments will begin shortly after 20th October. Know more details here.

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