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Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin: High-Purity 4-Wire Silver-Plated UP-OCC Copper Litz IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin: High-Purity 4-Wire Silver-Plated UP-OCC Copper Litz IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio is a premium IEM Upgrade cable brand from Singapore. Effect Audio has gained a lot of positive feedback as one of the biggest premium IEM upgrade cable brands in the industry. The brand has many successful products launched under their name, people love using their cables and products as they offer outstanding build and solid material choices. We are delighted to inform you that HiFiGo has jointly designed a 4-wire high-purity IEM upgrade cable with Effect Audio, introducing the all-new Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin.

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin-1

The Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin Cable is launched officially for 199.99$. You can check out more information over here. It is also available on our Aliexpress, Amazon US, and Amazon Japan stores.

Background Story:-

Griffin is a mythological creature that is a symbol of Flight and Strength. Griffin as a character has so much to it. It showcases the strength of an almighty beast, it has the ability to fly. Our latest collaboration with Effect Audio embodies the essence of its namesake. The cable has been designed to elevate your audio experiences to new heights with its impressive strength. Enjoy the Griffin with your choice of IEMs, the high-purity cable ensures you get the best quality sound delivered to you personally!!

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin-2

Core Structure:-

We have chosen the Griffin to have a high-purity core structure. The cable is made using new Silver-Plated OCC Copper Litz material that ensures utmost accuracy in sound reproduction. It has been crafted using 24 AWG wire cores stranded together in a 4-wire configuration. With Effect Audio’s expertise, a multi-strand geometry is implemented to get a pure and captivating sound that captures the true essence of our music and presents it in the most natural way with our favourite IEMs.

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin-3

Advanced ConX & TermX Features:-

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin IEM upgrade cable features advanced ConX and TermX technologies by Effect Audio. The ConX allows for changing the connectors and offers almost all different types of connectors providing maximum versatility for your cable. You can simply use the Griffin with any IEM easily. ConX is highly useful when you have multiple IEMs with multiple termination options. You can simply change the connectors whenever you require. ConX offers 2-pin, MMCX, IPX, and A2DC Connector options. The cable comes with 2-pin 0.78mm/MMCX ConX connectors as stock, other connectors have to be purchased separately. Similarly, TermX allows the users to easily replace the termination plug allowing them to use their favorite IEMs with different sources. Griffin comes with a TermX basic set that features 2.5mm or 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination plugs(choose one of three). It also offers Lightning and Type-C termination but they are to be purchased separately. TermX is highly useful when you have multiple sources with different terminations. You no longer have to worry about buying and using adapters!!

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin-4

Protective Outer Covering For Interference-Free Signal Transmission:-

Effect Audio has helped us design the Griffin with its deep insights into cable development. The Griffin has been crafted using their advanced Ultra Flexi™ Insulation. The cable has protective PVC sheathing on the outer side that protects the sound signal from external interferences and provides a cleaner listening experience to the users.

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