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Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea Latest Five-Driver Hybrid Premium IEMs Available on HiFiGo Now!!

Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea Latest Five-Driver Hybrid Premium IEMs Available on HiFiGo Now!!

We are proudly launching the all-new Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs's latest pair of hybrid in-ear monitors, the Gaea. Released just a few weeks ago, Gaea is a premium five-driver hybrid set of IEMs that houses a traditional combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. The pair is a collaboration between Effect Audio(premium Cable makers) and Elysian Acoustic Labs(premium IEM makers). We at HiFiGo have started our relationship with both brands with the launch of Gaea on our international online platform!!

Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea-1

Gaea is launched officially for 1299$, you can refer here for more information.

According to Greek Mythology, Gaea is the goddess of Earth, the mother of all nature. Effect Audio and Elysian Acoustic Labs have designed the Gaea keeping this divine image in their mind. They have designed it combining the four elements of nature, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Water for its transparent sound with its five-driver hybrid setup, Air for its second-generation DiVe Pass Air-Flow Technology, Fire for its premium stock cable and internal wiring, and Earth for its unique stabilized wooden ear shells.

Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea-2

Gaea comes equipped with a custom dynamic driver unit and four high-performance Sonion Balanced Armature drivers on each side. The drivers are arranged in a four-way frequency crossover featuring the Dynamic Driver for a powerful lower end, a Sonion BA driver for lower mids, another Sonion BA driver for the upper mids, and dual Sonion BA drivers for the crisp, detailed treble region. Being a goddess, the pair has been professionally tuned to deliver outstanding female vocal clarity that fills your music with all the emotions and delivers an outstanding listening experience.

Elysian Acoustic Labs featured the DiVE Pass Air Ventilation technology in their flagship Elysian Annihilator IEMs. The new Gaea gets the second-generation DiVe Pass Air Ventilation Technology that improves over the OG tech with independent vents that eliminates the reverbs of the back chamber and also provide optimum pressure relief in the front chamber. This effectively reduces driver flex and also allows the dynamic driver to breathe properly and deliver an astonishingly powerful bass response.

Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea-3

Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs have treated the latest Gaea with premium solid-stabilized maple wood face covers. The shells here are designed with skin-friendly resin material. All the internal wiring has been carefully chosen and implemented by Effect Audio themselves. The stock cable here is again specially developed by Effect Audio for the Gaea. The pair features a high-quality UP-OCC Copper Litz and UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper Litz braided cable with a choice of termination by the buyer.

Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea-4

Gaea is a premium hybrid IEM that delivers quality sound performance and matches it with great looks as well. Elysian Acoustic Labs and Effect Audio have designed the Gaea to be a beautiful goddess singing your favorite music with top-quality performance. We have launched the Gaea for just 1299$, check out more information here.

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