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Effect Audio Launches 8-Wire Variant for Signature Series Ares S & Cadmus IEM Upgrade Cables!!

Effect Audio Launches 8-Wire Variant for Signature Series Ares S & Cadmus IEM Upgrade Cables!!

Last year, Effect Audio introduced the signature series of premium IEM upgrade cables with the release of Ares S, Cadmus, and Eros S cables. The series got immense love and support from the audiophile community delivering quality sound at attractive prices. Out of the three Signature Series cables, the Eros S was the only one with 8 Wire build, while the Ares S and Cadmus were launched in a 4-wire build structure. Following the success, Effect Audio has today released the Ares S & Cadmus cables in 8-wire variants. Now you can grab the Ares S and Cadmus in both 4-wire and 8-wire configurations.

Ares S 8-Wire is launched officially for 279$, and the Cadmus 8-wire is launched for 299$.

Effect Audio Ares S 8-Wire

Ares S 8-Wire:-

Ares S is a high-purity UP-OCC Copper Litz cable with a proprietary Dual Geometric Design. It adopts high-quality 24AWG high-purity copper wire cores. The cable was originally released in a 4-wire configuration priced at 179$. It got praised heavily for its excellent sound tone and definition. The new 8-wire variant for the Ares S brings the god of war to its actual War mode. The cable is not only thick in structure but also has tighter braiding. It benefits from the excellent craftsmanship of Effect audio and retains a soft and comfortable in-hand feel just like the 4-wire variant. The Ares S 8Wire is made to take your music listening experience to an all-new level with excellent timbre and tone for vocals and a refined lower-end response. With the Ares S, experience all-new dynamics, and a powerful sound with your favorite IEMs!! Features of the 8-Wire variant are the same as the 4-wire one with ConX connectors, premium rhodium-plated brass termination plug, UltraFlexi™ Insulation coating, etc.

Ares S 8-Wire is available for just 279$. Check out more details and features here. The cable is also available on our Amazon US Store and Aliexpress store.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8-Wire

Effect Audio Cadmus 8-Wire:-

Cadmus is an all-rounder cable from the Signature series by Effect Audio. This premium upgrade cable for IEMs is made up of high-quality premium UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper Litz wire cores. The 4-wire variant delivered excellent sound with high-resolution clarity and a smoother treble response. Cadmus is a cable that suits most IEMs out there. With the new 8-wire variant, the Cadmus has received an upgrade in terms of sound performance over the 4-wire variant. It enhances the output with lush, detailed vocals, bringing in an excellent amount of details and a tall, wide soundstage!!

Effect Audio Cadmus 8-Wire cable is priced at 299$, check out more details here. It’s also available on our Amazon US Store and Aliexpress store.

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