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Effect Audio Fusion 1 Premium High-End IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio Fusion 1 Premium High-End IEM Upgrade Cable

In the audiophile world, Cable rolling is a widely discussed topic. Many brand deal in premium quality IEM upgrade cables. Effect Audio from Singapore is one such brand with a premium range of upgrade cables specially hand-crafted with top-quality materials. Effect Audio has a full variety of cables that ranges from the budget market all the way up to the high-end market as well. Today, Effect Audio has announced another premium range of upgrade cables with their latest release, introducing the Effect Audio Fusion 1. Fusion, as the name might suggest features a fusion/combination of different materials and geometries to achieve a premium quality experience. Are you ready to enhance your listening experience with the all-new Effect Audio Fusion 1??? Let’s explore more about the cable. 

Effect Audio Fusion 1-1

Effect Audio Fusion 1 is launched with ConX and TermX features, it is priced at 999$. You can grab yours here.

Effect Audio has crafted the Fusion 1 with the most amount of materials and geometries in its cable-making history. The Fusion 1 is designed with selected premium UP-OCC Gold-Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz, and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid core material. Effect Audio has a newly developed dual gold-plated silver material blend which was previously only available in their flagship models such as the Mars(2015), and Horus(2018).  This new core structure has been carefully crafted to greatly enhance the overall sound with maximum clarity and hyper-resolution. Fusion 1 brings enchanting brilliance and refined tonal richness which makes it amazing to enjoy your favourite music with your favourite IEMs.

Effect Audio Fusion 1-2

Effect Audio Fusion 1 provides a supreme resolution that recreates every minute detail in your music and presents it with great clarity. It’s an exotic cable with an exotic design. The cable has two wire configuration with 40 multi-sized core bundling into a solid-wire design. It adopts 21AWG wire cores with a Proprietary Tri-Strata layering fusion mix. The cable looks divine and has an enchanting premium feel to it. The cable also has Effect Audio’s Ultra Flexi™ insulation that protects the sound signal from outside interference.

Effect Audio Fusion 1-3

Affect Audio Fusion 1 brings Effect Audio’s two advanced technologies, ConX and TermX. ConX allows the user to easily replace the connectors with a variety of available options such as MMCX, Pentaconn, etc. In stock for, Fusion 1 includes just the 2-pin and MMCX options, other connectors have to be purchased separately. The other tech is TermX, which allows the users to easily replace the termination plug. The cable includes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package.

Effect Audio Fusion 1-4

Effect Audio Fusion 1 is a premium cable designed with great perfection to bring noticeable improvements to your in-ear monitors. The cable can be paired easily to a variety of IEMs with its ConX connector system. It is launched officially for 999$, you can check out more details here.

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