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Effect Audio Code 24 and Code 24C Limited Edition High-Purity Upgrade Cables

Effect Audio Code 24 and Code 24C Limited Edition High-Purity Upgrade Cables

Effect Audio welcomes the 2024 with its arms wide open. This year starts the 15th year anniversary journey for the brand. 15 Years of innovation, 15 Years of high-quality hand-crafted products. Today, Effect Audio begins 2024 with two new releases in its premium Code series of IEM upgrade cables, introducing the all-new Effect Audio Code 24 and the Code 24C Limited Edition. The Code 24 series comes as a successor to the Code 23, a premium cable that came out a few months ago and it gained much popularity for its outstanding performance and crazy aesthetics. Effect Audio Code 23 was the thickest cable in the market when it came out. Today, we are bringing you the latest Code 24, which is not only the thickest just like its predecessor but is also the most flexible cable with such high thickness. Let’s get to know both of these cables better.

Effect Audio Code 24: Premium High-Purity Upgrade Cable!!

The Code 24, the direct successor to the Code 23 cable has been redesigned to treat the users with an exclusive sound listening experience. The cable is designed using 16.5AWG high-purity UP-OCC Copper Silver-Plated wire cores arranged together with Effect Audio’s patented Trio-Flex Pure Solid Core System. This newly designed system architecture protects the sound signal from external interferences and at the same time provides a properly flexible design to the thick cable. Coming forward from the 12-multi-core bundle design of Code 23, the latest Code 24 comes with a 13-multi-core design structure. Code 24 has a two-wire configuration.

Effect Audio Code 24-1

Effect Audio Code 24 Cable has its premium Ultra-Flexi Insulation Coating as well. It comes with Basic ConX and TermX replaceable Connector and termination plug systems (for IEMs). Effect Audio has upgraded the core architecture of this cable to provide an exquisitely detailed and crisp sound with a rich tone. It’s properly balanced in terms of sound delivery. Pair the Effect Audio Code 24 with IEM or Headphones with ease, it is available for both IEM and Headphones starting at just $799. It is available in a beautiful Cosmic Blue colour combination. We are pretty sure this is the most flexible 16.5AWG cable in the market today, grab yours now!!

Effect Audio Code 24C Limited Edition: Exclusive Cable Designed For Fans of Code 23!!

The Code 24 also has a younger sibling, the Effect Audio Code 24C. This stunning cable is designed with 18.5AWG wires and it has similar sound characteristics to that of the Code 23. Code 24C is a limited edition run cable designed with the same architecture as the Code 24 featuring Trio-Flex Pure Solid Core System with 17 multi-sized core bundles. It also has a two-wire configuration and offers a flexible design just like the Code 24. The cable comes with ConX and TermX replaceable Connector and Termination Plug system. Effect Audio has crafted the Code 24C Limited Edition cable with high-purity UP-OCC Copper Litz material wire cores. This is a delightful cable for the fans of pure copper cables.

Effect Audio Code 24C

Effect Audio Code 24C Limited Edition provides an improved three-frequency range and comes in a stunning Galactic Purple colour combination. It also has Effect Audio’s special Ultra-Flexi outer insulation that protects the sound signal from external interference. Effect Audio has priced this stunning cable amazingly well at just $499. It is available for IEMs, grab yours today!!

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