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DUNU Zen Pro: Redesigned Flagship Single Dynamic Driver IEMs!!

DUNU Zen Pro: Redesigned Flagship Single Dynamic Driver IEMs!!

DUNU Zen has been one of the finest single dynamic driver IEMs in the market. The pair was released back in December 2020 and featured DUNU’s exclusive ECLIPSE dynamic driver technology. ECLIPSE is actually a collection of exclusive driver technologies by DUNU. DUNU has now introduced an upgrade over the highly-acclaimed Zen, meet the brand new DUNU Zen Pro. DUNU has featured an improved single dynamic driver configuration on the Zen Pro over the former model. The Zen Pro improves over the Zen with a 2nd-generation W-shaped driver dome with magnesium and aluminum alloy diaphragm coil. The alloy ratio between magnesium and alloy for the diaphragm has been adjusted to improve the diaphragm rigidity. Zen Pro has also got improved Internal damping that contributes to presenting a smooth treble and better mid-range presentation over the former model. DUNU has adjusted the air gap tolerances to the magnetic architecture that allows the assembly to produce a powerful >1.8T magnetic flux. This is by far the most powerful magnetic flux in any earphone in the market. DUNU Zen Pro features premium S316 stainless steel housings with their patented ACIS(Air Control Impedance System). It comes bundled with premium 4-core high-purity Furukawa OCC Copper & Neotech Silver hybrid cable with DUNU’s patented Quick-Switch modular plug system. DUNU Zen Pro is available to order with us priced at 899.99$. Check out more details here.
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DUNU Zen Pro-1


>2nd Generation Dynamic Driver with W-Shaped Magnesium-aluminium alloy dome.

>DUNU’s patented Nanoporous Amorphous Carbon Coating(Nano DLC).

>DUNU’s patented Air Control Impedance System(ACIS).

>Premium Neodymium Magnet with adjusted tolerances producing a powerful >1.8T Magnetic flux.

>High-quality S316 Stainless Steel ear cavities.

>Four-core high-purity Furukawa OCC Copper and Neotech Silver hybrid cable with DUNU’s patented Quick Switch Modular plug system.

>Replaceable Termination plug.

Technical Specs:-

>Impedance: 16Ω.

>Sensitivity: 112±1dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-40kHz.

>THD+N: <0.2% @ 1kHz.

DUNU Zen Pro-2

ECLIPSE, Collection Of World’s Best Technologies In A Single Dynamic Driver:-

DUNU Zen Pro features its self-patented ECLIPSE driver module. ECLIPSE is a next-gen paradigm for dynamic drivers where DUNU implements multiple patented technologies. The powerful dynamic driver here is designed for a full-range frequency response with ultra-high magnetic flux, metal/alloy/polymer dome with advanced coating, and several other features.

Powerful Dynamic Driver For Zentastic Performance:-

DUNU has improved the ECLIPSE driver they equipped in the OG Zen. DUNU Zen Pro has a second-generation W-shaped driver dome with revised metallurgic composition. The dome is made up of magnesium and aluminum alloy with enhanced rigidity and improved internal damping for improved treble and midrange performance than the OG DUNU Zen.

DUNU Zen Pro-3

DUNU’s Patented Nanoporous Amorphous Carbon Coated Diaphragm:-

DUNU Zen Pro’s dynamic driver adopts their patented Nanoporous Amorphous Carbon diaphragm coating(NanoDLC). It has the highest ratio of hybridized carbon currently achievable. It is deposited via a high-temp filtered, pulsed, cathode arc deposition technique that results in a fine, smooth diaphragm coil with fewer gaps and surface imperfections. The diaphragm coil designed for Zen Pro further refines the process with an even more uniform and fuller coating.

Powerful Magnetic Flux:-

Dynamic drivers are equipped with a magnetic assembly that allows for the swift movement of the diaphragm coil inside the cavity. DUNU has equipped the Zen Pro with a ring-type Neodymium magnet that is adjusted to produce greater than 1.8T magnetic flux. Zen Pro has the most powerful magnetic flux in any earphone in the market.

DUNU Zen Pro-4

Professional Tuning For An Immersive Sound:-

DUNU Zen Pro has been tuned by professional acoustic engineers to deliver an immersive, highly detailed sound performance. The pair is tuned to present a natural, pure sound with no coloration at all.

Stunning Design With DUNU’s Patented Air Control Impedance System(ACIS):-

Designed by the same master Moses XU behind Luna and OG Zen, the Zen Pro features stunning looks with its premium S316 Stainless Steel ear shells. The pair features DUNU’s self-patented ACIS(Air Control Impedance System) that maintains the air pressure inside the cavity and helps the pair achieve better control in the lower end.

DUNU Zen Pro-5

High-Purity Cable For High-Class Sound:-

DUNU is known for its cables and its self-patented modular replaceable termination plug system. Each one of their HiFi IEM comes bundled with a high-purity cable for high-class performance. The latest Zen Pro comes bundled with a four-core high-purity Furukawa OCC Copper+Neotech Silver mixed hybrid cable. The cable has Q-Lock Plus, a patented quick-locking modular switch system. Zen Pro comes packaged with the full set of modular plugs including 3.5mm TRS, 2.5mm TRRS, and 4.4mm TRRS.

Price & Availability:-

DUNU Zen Pro is officially announced for 899.99$. It is available to order from our store. Check out more details here.

Shipping Policy:-

【Priority】 1-2 weeks, US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH and more, All tax and duty prepaid by HiFiGo, FREE shipping on $100+.

【Priority】 1-2 weeks, Europe 30 Countries, All tax and duty all prepaid by HiFiGo , FREE shipping on $300+.

【SuperLine】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo.

Express FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide.

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