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DUNU Special Year End Sale: Up to 20% Discount On Premium In-Ear Monitors

DUNU Special Year End Sale: Up to 20% Discount On Premium In-Ear Monitors

DUNU is ending the year with a great Year End Sale. We have partnered with DUNU bringing you an exciting year-end special sale and crazy deals on your favorite in-ear monitors from the brand including Talos, Vulkan, SA6, and more. The sale starts today, the 12th of December and it will be active for an entire week till the 18th of December. Were you planning to take the Talos home?? Believe us, Now is the best time!! Check out the entire DUNU Sales catalog over here.

DUNU Special SAle-2

Here are some of our favorite deals from the sale!!


Retail Price: 549.99$.

DUNU Special Sale Deal: 479$.

DUNU SA6 is a fan-favorite multi-BA driver IEM that has garnered a lot of praise ever since its release. SA6 is referred to as one of the best-sounding IEMs around the 500$ price bracket. With 6 high-performance balanced armatures on each side, DUNU SA6 packs an impressive sound that complements different genres with its great resolution and outstanding technical capabilities. DUNU SA6 is a must-have for all audio enthusiasts!! Usually, the DUNU SA6 retails for around 549.99$, grab it at an exciting 479$ during the DUNU Special Sale!!

Check out more information about the DUNU SA6 over here.

DUNU Vulkan:-

Retail Price: 379.99$.

DUNU Special Sale Deal: 329$.

DUNU Vulkan is an advanced six-driver hybrid IEM designed with unique Mokume Gane inspired faceplates. The pair looks exceptional, and it sounds exceptional as well. It houses a six-driver hybrid configuration on each side featuring dual 8mm coaxial dynamic drivers and four high-performance Knowles Balanced Armature drivers. The pair achieves quality sound reproduction with great resolution, a powerful lower end, and a smooth midrange. It delivers impressive clarity for vocals that sound rich and lush creating a mesmerizing listening experience for the users. With its unique design approach, DUNU Vulkan looks unique and beautiful!! The pair retails for 379.99$, but grab it for just 329$ during the DUNU Special Sale week!!

Check out more information on the DUNU Vulkan over here.

DUNU Talos:-

Retail Price: 199.99$.

DUNU Special Sale Deal: 169$.

DUNU entered the Planar market with the Talos recently. It’s actually a hybrid pair with a combination of Planar and dual BA drivers per side. The BA drivers are adjusted for high frequencies and they can be turned on or off as required. Talos packs an impressive sound performance with exceptional resolution and details for the price point. Now is the best time to pull the plug on the Talos when the set is available for just 169$!!!!

Do check out more features and information about the DUNU Talos from here.

DUNU Titan S:-

Retail Price: 79.99$.

DUNU Special Sale Deal: 69.99$.

Titan S is a highly-celebrated single dynamic driver IEM that is praised by the community for its impressive sound and cyberpunk-themed design. For about 80$, the Titan S always delivers a quality sound with professional tuning adjustments by DUNU. The pair features an 11mm dynamic driver unit that provides crisp high-resolution audio performance. Not to mention the lightweight cyberpunk-themed metallic ear shells are a treat to the eyes!! Titan S retails for 79.99$, but grab these for just 69.99$ during the DUNU Special Sale!!

Check out more information here.

DUNU Kima:-

Retail Price: 109.99$.

DUNU Special Sale Deal: 99$.

DUNU Kima is a recently launched single-dynamic driver IEM with stunning matte-finished ear shells. Kima is a recent product that came out only a few weeks back. With a single 10mm dual-cavity DLC diaphragm dynamic driver, DUNU Kima packs an impressive sound performance with excellent clarity and resolution. Enjoy a good deal on the Kima, bring it home for just 99$!!

Do check out DUNU Kima over here.

DUNU needs no introduction in the HiFi audio industry, the brand is recognized as a leading brand of innovative in-ear monitors. Over the years, DUNU has created a large catalog of successful pairs which are widely recommended in the audiophile community. DUNU is ending the year with this special sale, make sure you check all the deals out and grab your favorite ones!!

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