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DUNU Releases KIMA: Latest 10mm DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs With Metallic Alloy Ear Shells

DUNU Releases KIMA: Latest 10mm DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs With Metallic Alloy Ear Shells

In recent times, DUNU has been quite active in the HiFi market. Just during the past month or so they have released their first Planar hybrid, the DUNU Talos followed by the recent release of their collaboration project with Z Reviews, the SA6 Ultra. Today, They are back with an all-new release, the DUNU KIMA. KIMA is their latest creation designed with a single dynamic driver configuration on each side. The pair features beautiful matte-finished metallic alloy ear cavities. KIMA looks unique with its 3D-styled shell design and promises quality performance with its dual-chamber acoustic structure.


DUNU has tuned the pair to deliver impressive performance with a clean tone and low harmonic distortion in the output. KIMA is launched officially for 109$, first 100 buyers will get 10$ discount from us and will be able to purchase the pair for just 99$. Refer here for more information.

DUNU has equipped the latest KIMA with a brand new 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver unit. This driver is designed with a new-generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm coil. This is a newly-developed DLC material diaphragm, which in comparison with traditional DLC diaphragms has a more uniform structure that enhances its rigidity and ensures quality sound reproduction. To maintain the air pressure buildup inside the cavity structure, The dual-cavity structure on the KIMA adopts micro-controller air-flow control technology. For this, DUNU has featured a microcontroller air-flow device between the vents on the front and rear cavity structures.


Over the years, DUNU has gained expertise in tuning and designing premium IEMs. They have a pretty solid range of premium in-ear monitors, each looking better than the other. The latest KIMA here is no different. The pair features premium metallic alloy ear cavities that are designed after a lot of adjustments and fine-carving processes to the shell structure. DUNU has crafted the shells with a premium matte finish. They have featured a 3d styled beveled pattern on the face cover area which reflects different effects of light and shadow based on the angle of the light falling onto the shells.


KIMA comes with DUNU’s latest S&S straight silicone ear tips. These offer a super smooth wearing comfort and also enhances the midrange and vocals performance of the pair. DUNU has also bundled these same eartips with the Talos and with the recently launched SA6 Ultra. KIMA comes with a high-quality 4-strand single-crystal silver-plated copper cable. This high-purity cable delivers a clean sound signal transmission with low interference to the signal during transmission.


DUNU KIMA brings you the magic of a single dynamic driver with its new-generation 10mm DLC dynamic driver unit. The pair packs a solid performance in a compact form factor. Make sure you check out the DUNU KIMA here!!

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