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DUNU Hulk Pro 22AWG Monocrystalline Copper IEM Upgrade Cable Available now

DUNU Hulk Pro 22AWG Monocrystalline Copper IEM Upgrade Cable Available now

DUNU Topsound, commonly known as DUNU is a highly professional portable audio gear manufacturing brand based in China. They specialize in manufacturing high-fidelity IEMs and premium IEM cables. Today, DUNU has launched its latest Hi-Fi IEM replacement cable, the DUNU Hulk Pro. Hulk Pro is a professional-grade IEM replacement cable targeted toward veteran audiophiles. It comes as a successor to the award-winning DUNU Hulk IEM replacement cable. Back in its time, the DUNU Hulk took the audiophile industry with its patented Quick-Switch Modular Plug system. Hulk Pro extends the success of its predecessor by sticking with 22 AWG monocrystalline copper wire in a hand-braided, four-conductor design but with additional structural and metallurgic enhancements. These added shielding and enhanced Litz structure improved the crosstalk characteristics and minimize signal interference. DUNU Hulk Pro is available to purchase from our store for just 359.99$, order yours here.

DUNU Hulk Pro-1


>Kevlar Fiber Core.

>Furukawa Electric OCC Copper Wires with Secondary Fire Refinement.

>Dielectric Insulating Layer.

>Aluminum Shielding Layer.

>Available in Both MMCX and 0.78mm 2-Pin Variants.

>DUNU’s Patented Quick-Switch Modular Plug.

>2.5mm TRRS+3.5mm TRS+4.4mm TRRS Plugs Included in the Package.

>Premium Metallic Connectors.

>Cable Length: 1.2 +/- 0.1m.

DUNU Hulk Pro-2

Hand-Braided High-Purity Upgrade Cable:-

DUNU Hulk Pro is a high-tier IEM cable. It has a hand-braided 4-core weave pattern. The cable is made using high-purity 22AWG Furukawa Electric OCC copper wires as a base. This high-purity wire material is further enhanced with secondary fire refinement technology, making it a metallurgical marvel. Each wire strand is individually insulated. Each conductor core has dielectric insulation and aluminum shielding that further enhances the signal transmission.

DUNU Hulk Pro-3

DUNU’s Patented Quick-Switch Modular Plug System With New Brushed Finish:-

DUNU Hulk Pro is the successor to the DUNU Hulk that was the very first IEM upgrade cable in the industry to bring their self-patented Quick-Switch Modular plug design. Users can switch between different termination plugs easily. Hulk Pro improves over this with premium metallic connectors with the plugs. The package includes 4.4mm TRRS balanced, 2.5mm TRRS balanced, and 3.5mm TRS single-ended termination plugs. The plugs have a rich brushed finish.

DUNU Hulk Pro-4

DUNU Hulk Pro is available in two different variants, universal MMCX and 0.78mm two-pin connectors. It is available for just 359.99$, shipments have already begun, order yours today!!

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