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DUNU DUW02 Pro High-Purity Furukawa Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Modular IEM Upgrade Cable

DUNU DUW02 Pro High-Purity Furukawa Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Modular IEM Upgrade Cable

DUNU is a well-reputed name in the HiFi audio industry. Although the brand is usually associated with premium-sounding in-ear monitors available at different price brackets, they also have a wide range of premium quality IEM upgrade cables. Today, DUNU has released another one of its premium cables, introducing the DUNU DUW02 Pro. It’s a high-purity silver-plated Furukawa single-crystal copper cable designed with pure dedication and craftsmanship. The cable brings the goodness of swappable termination plugs with DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Lite technology. It’s a cable that’s specially designed to enhance your music listening experience with your favorite IEMs.

DUNU DUW02 Pro-1

DUNU DUW02 Pro is available in both a 2-pin 0.78mm connector option as well as an MMCX connector option. You can grab yours for just 79$ including a 3.5mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced termination plug in the package. Know more details here.

To enhance the sound performance of our IEMs, DUNU has crafted the DUW02 Pro with high-purity Furukawa single-crystal copper silver-plated cable. The high-purity wire core enhances the sound and promises quality output with clear, pure sound signal transmission. The wire is made with 26AWG diameter cores. They are arranged together in a properly made Litz Type 4 Braided Structure. Each wire conductor has proper insulation that protects the sound signal from outer interferences such as electromagnetic issues or microphonic issues.

DUNU DUW02 Pro-2

DUNU DUW02 Pro features high-thickness 30u Silver-plating that helps in clearly transmitting the music details with the cable. It helps in achieving pure sound transmission with low external interferences as well. The DUW02 Pro cable adopts DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Lite Modular swappable termination plug system allowing the users to easily replace the termination plugs whenever required. The package of DUW02 Pro includes a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced termination plug. Users can replace them easily by simply pulling the previous one out, matching the other to the connector, and pushing it in. It’s a very simple process. DUNU DUW02 Pro cable is specially designed to enhance the sound quality performance of your IEMs and take their performance to the next level. At just 79$, it’s priced attractively. You can check out more information here.

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