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DIVINUS Velvet High-Quality Comfortable Ear Tips

DIVINUS Velvet High-Quality Comfortable Ear Tips

In the ever-growing world of audiophiles, every component in an audio chain matters. One of the most underlooked product is the eartips. Eartips bring noticeable differences both sonically and comfort-wise. We at HiFiGo already have a huge collection of eartips from famous brands such as Azla, DUNU, SpinFit, Softears, etc. But today, we are bringing you something special, today we are proudly launching the all-new DIVINUS Velvet eartips. Developed with deep research over 3 years, the DIVINUS Velvet are the smoothest eartips ever. They have a silky smooth velvety textured finish that is both comfortable and great with skin touch. Upgrade your eartips collection with the amazing DIVINUS Velvet!!

DIVINUS Velvet-1

Divinus Velvet eartips are available in 5 different sizes, they come in a set of three pairs priced at 18.99$ for the pack. Check out more details here. It is also available on our Amazon US and Aliexpress stores as well.

Divinus Velvet has a smoothly designed deeply textured finish. They have a high-quality micro-embossed design structure which gives them a velvety smooth textured finish. Divinus has crafted them with a delicate finish. They have a matte-finished micro-embossed design. Divinus Velvet eartips provide a comfortable wearing experience with a premium in-hand feel.

DIVINUS Velvet-2

The gaps between the Micro-embossed texture act as a vent, they slowly release the pressure buildup and promise a comfortable wearing wearing with a relaxed eardrum. Compared to any standard Silicone eartips, the DIVINUS Velvet eartips are extremely comfortable and premium. Divinus Velvet eartips are available in 5 different sizes. Starting with the S size we have MS, M, ML, and L sizes. These have a nozzle diameter of 3 to 5mm for the in-ear monitor side. Each set comes as a set of three pairs of eartips.

DIVINUS Velvet-3

The DIVINUS Velvet Eartips are an amazing set of tips to add to your collection. These eartips have an oval-shaped design structure which provides a firm grip on your ears and provides with increased stability. Wide stem mouth opening brings an open and big sound enhancing your IEMs with better sound delivery!! The DIVINUS Velvet eartips are priced interestingly at just 18.99$ for a set of 3 pairs. Check out more information here.

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