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CVJ Mei 1DD+2BA Three Driver Hybrid IEMs With Dual Tuning Switches

CVJ Mei 1DD+2BA Three Driver Hybrid IEMs With Dual Tuning Switches

CVJ is an emerging name in the HiFi audio industry. The brand has recently started launching products focusing primarily on the budget IEM category. Their products are widely appreciated by users and reviewers as well. We are proudly bringing you the very latest from the house of CVJ, the CVJ Mei. The latest CVJ Mei is a multi-driver hybrid IEM that packs a combination of full-frequency dual-magnetic DD unit along with two high-performance BA driver units. CVJ Mei is a wonderfully built set with excellent sound characteristics!! Enjoy your favorite music with the outstanding new CVJ Mei.

CVJ Mei-1

CVJ Mei is launched officially for just 59$. It’s available in three color options, Blue, Silver, and Black. Check out more details here. The CVJ Mei is also available on our Amazon Japan, Amazon US, and Aliexpress stores as well.

CVJ Mei features a combination of traditional dynamic driver and dual BA driver units. With the help of a full-frequency dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit, the CVJ Mei delivers excellent sound with lower distortion. The pair houses a Knowles BA unit and a customized BA driver unit. CVJ has designed the Mei with dual tuning switches. These two switches give the pair four sound profiles. They enable or disable different drivers on the set. In simpler words, one can control which driver is active on the set. You can choose and adjust the output to your liking!! The dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit here packs a crisp full-frequency response and users can enable the BA drivers whenever required.

CVJ Mei-2

CVJ Mei is crafted using high-quality aviation-grade aluminum magnesium alloy material. The pair has an ergonomic shape that contributes in getting a comfortable fit with proper isolation. CVJ includes a high-purity four-strand silver-plated cable with the Mei. The cable adopts standard 2-pin 0.75mm connectors for easy and simple replaceable cable design The stock cable has 3.5mm single-ended termination of ready connection with different devices. High-quality silver material enables smooth signal transmission enhancing the overall performance of the pair.

CVJ Mei-3

CVJ Mei is an interesting set with a three-driver combination and a pocket-friendly price tag. The CVJ Mei comes in three striking color options, each of which looks premium and exquisite. CVJ has priced the Mei nicely for just 59$!! Feel Free to check out more information here.

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