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CVJ Freedom: Brand New 1DD+4BA Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs with Tuning Switches

CVJ Freedom: Brand New 1DD+4BA Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs with Tuning Switches

CVJ is a new name in the HiFi Audio industry. But in a short span of time, CVJ has got itself a good reputation with quality products available at budget price segments. Today, we are proudly launching their brand new pair of multi-driver hybrid in-ear monitors, presenting you all the amazing CVJ Freedom. Freedom houses a precisely designed five-driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair has got exquisitely crafted metallic face covers with lightweight resin cavities that promise top-quality comfort for the users. With two tuning switches, CVJ Freedom brings full control of the output into the hands of the users. These switches enable four different tuning profiles on the CVJ Freedom!! 

CVJ Freedom-1

CVJ Freedom is launched officially for 79.99$, you can check more information here. It is also available on our Aliexpress, Amazon US, and Amazon Japan stores.

CVJ has carefully chosen the components for Freedom. The pair houses a newly-developed customized dynamic driver unit. This driver has a brand-new nano-phase ceramic colorful vibrating diaphragm coil. It has been tuned to produce a strong lower-end response with thunderous sub-bass rumble and a fast and snappy mid-bass response. To complement the powerful lower-end produced by this customized DD unit, CVJ has featured four high-performance customized balanced armature drivers. These are tuned to deliver a crisp, detailed midrange section and a smooth and extended treble section.

CVJ Freedom-2

The main attraction of the CVJ Freedom is the freedom to adjust the output to your liking. The pair houses two independent tuning switches that can be used to get four different tuning profiles with the pair. This basically affects the treble section as the tuning switches play a role in turning the BA drivers on or off. Both switches down with enable one dd and one BA driver setup, first up and second down will give us 1DD+2BA setup, first down and second up will provide 1DD+3BA setup, and both the switches turn on will give us the full 1DD+4BA setup. There is a noticeable difference among each of these configurations ensuring people get their preferred sound with the CVJ Freedom.

CVJ Freedom-3

CVJ Freedom boasts exciting new looks. The pair is launched in two different color options, metallic Green and rich Black. Both the colors are matte in finish and they both look quite enticing. CVJ has designed the shells with skillfully carved metallic face covers and high-quality resin material transparent shells. The pair is light in weight and has an ergonomic shape that helps in getting a comfortable fit for the users.

CVJ Freedom-4

CVJ Freedom comes with a high-purity 400core 5N OFC oxygen-free copper cable that reduces signal loss during transmission, sound attenuation, and microphonic effects. It ensures high-fidelity sound signal transmission and has a comfortable PU housing for a sturdy build. The cable adopts 0.75mm two-pin connectors and allows the user to easily replace the termination plugs. CVJ bundles the cable with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package. CVJ Freedom is officially launched for 79.99$, it's availabel on our web store, Aliexpress store, Amazon US Store, and Amazon Japan store respectively. You can grab yours from any of the mentioned stores easily.

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