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CVJ BiDong Brand New 1DD+6BA IEMs

CVJ BiDong Brand New 1DD+6BA IEMs

CVJ came into the industry a little while ago, but in a short period, they have released several different budget-focused models. They have released several attractive models like the CVJ Freedom, CVJ Mei, CVJ Kumo, etc. Recently, CVJ came up with a brand new premium-level set of in-ear monitors, introducing the CVJ BiDong. In Limited quantities, CVJ has also released a Valentine’s special edition for the same with an exclusive gifting package design. It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones. The special Valentine's edition includes a beautiful package with heart design, a couple statue, a loving message, it's completely based on the theme of love which we are pretty sure your better half would love immensely.

CVJ has developed the BiDong as a premium-quality in-ear monitor with a seven-driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair packs a dynamic driver and six balanced armature drivers on each side. CVJ BiDong can be the perfect gift for your loved ones with its exclusive Valentine’s special package.

CVJ BiDong-1

CVJ BiDong is released at an attractive price of $189, you can get yours here.

For the past few models, CVJ has done great job with their hybrid design configurations. With the BiDong, CVJ has crafted a seven-driver hybrid setup on each side. This consists of a dynamic driver with six BA drivers. The DD unit features an exclusively designed aluminium-magnesium alloy material diaphragm. CVJ has arranged the drivers in a three-way electronic+physical frequency crossover. They use acoustic tubes for physical crossover between the drivers. With careful tuning adjustments, CVJ BiDong promises amazing sound quality with crisp resolution and great details. The dd produces a strong, well-defined lower-end, while the BA drivers produce amazing vocals and excellent instrument details.

CVJ BiDong-2

CVJ BiDong features stunning looks. The ear shells are carefully crafted using aviation-grade aluminium alloy material. They are made using a high-precision CNC-machined process giving them a neat and clean build structure. The set has an ergonomic shape that promises a comfortable fit for different users. CVJ bundles the BiDong with a high-purity silver-plated cable. The cable has a swappable termination plug system. CVJ bundles 3.5mm, 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and Type-C plugs with the set for easy pairing with different sources. The Type-C plug here has a built-in CX31993 DAC chipset. CVJ BiDong is a new entry to the amazing line-up of products by CVJ. Its exclusive Valentine’s Day pack is the perfect gift for your loved ones who enjoy a good audio session. So what are your waiting for? Grab the CVJ BiDong today from our store, the Valentine’s edition is extremely limited. Check out more details here.

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