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Celest Plutus Beast: Brand New 1 BCD+1BA+1SPD Tribrid IEMs

Celest Plutus Beast: Brand New 1 BCD+1BA+1SPD Tribrid IEMs

Celest, a name we all are familiar with today thanks to its amazing design and good-sounding in-ear monitors that don’t hit the pocket hard at all. They have come up with a brand new multi-driver tribrid set of in-ear monitors, presenting the all-new Celest Plutus Beast. Bringing together a combination of a 10mm customized Bone-Conduction driver unit, a high-performance BA driver unit, and a patented second-gen square planar driver unit, the Plutus Beast promises an excellent sound performance with a balanced three-frequency response. Celest has designed the pair with intricate details achieving a compact, ergonomic design with luxurious hand-painted face covers. Redefine the way you enjoy your music with the exclusive sound performance of the Plutus Beast!!

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast-1

Celest Plutus Beast is launched for an attractive price of just $89, you can check out more details here.

What makes Celest stand apart from the big names? Well, Celest has always taken inspiration from Celestial(mythological) tales and stories for the design and development of its products. The latest Plutus Beast is no different at all. Plutus Beast is a prominent character among the five auspicious mythological characters from the Legend of the Mountains and Seas(a classical Chinese mythological). It is a royal character and is often regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Celest, through its experienced team of designers, has made sure the pair looks as stunning as it can get to do justice to the name of the Plutus Beast!! The pair features astonishing looks with luxurious hand-painted facecovers. It is available in two stunning options, Dazzling Gold and Diamond Blue. The shells are crafted using 3D printing technology for a comfortable design.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast-2

Celest has equipped the Plutus Beasst with a three-driver tribrid setup. We have a 10mm customized BCD driver producing a juicy lower end, a BA driver enhancing treble response, and a full-range second-gen patented SPD(Square Planar Driver) unit. With the help of professional acoustic engineers, the tuning of the Plutus Beast has been adjusted for a clear, balanced three-frequency response. The pair precisely reproduces your favourite melodies with great resolution, fast bass, lovely vocals, smooth treble response, and a wide soundstage.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast-3

The Plutus Beast comes with a high-purity stock cable. It is a high-purity 5N Silver-plated copper cable with a braided eight-core rounded design. Each individual cable strand has a diameter of 1.0mm and consists of 48 strands of conductor wires. Its design effectively reduces signal transmission loss and minimizes microphonic issues, providing an accurate sound reproduction with minimal external interferences. The pair adopts 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. The available options for termination are 3.5mm and 4.4mm.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast-4

Let’s soak ourselves in the amazing sound performance of the Celest Plutus Beast. The IEM brings us a new and unique driver setup, professional tuning adjustments, and a comfortable, luxurious design, something that will adore us with its amazing performance and great comfort. The Celest Plutus Beast is launched officially for just $89, you can get yours here.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast-5

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