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CCA PLA13: All-New Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with Newly-Developed 13.2mm Planar driver

CCA PLA13: All-New Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with Newly-Developed 13.2mm Planar driver

2022 feels like a year of planar magnetic driver IEMs. We have got a huge catalog of planar driver IEMs including the Tin HiFi P1 Max, LETSHUOER S12, RaptGo Hook X, etc. Today, CCA marks its territory in the Planar Magnetic driver realm, let’s meet the all-new CCA PLA13. Designed with a large 13.2mm planar magnetic driver, the CCA PLA13 features a professionally designed acoustic cavity structure producing lively sound output.


Have a taste of the specially designed planar magnetic driver on the CCA PLA13 priced at just 63.99$, check out more information here.

CCA has specially designed a new patented 13.2mm planar diaphragm driver unit. It has a dual-cavity structure with a dual-sided magnetic array. The driver produces a powerful magnetic flux resulting in the swift movement of the diaphragm. With such a powerful driver, CCA PLA13 is capable of producing a lively, energetic sound response with fast transients, powerful bass response, rich midrange, and detailed treble region. With professional tuning adjustments by a team of acoustic engineers, the PLA13 is an ideal pair for people who are looking for a properly balanced and clean sound response. The pair has been tuned to produce a wide frequency response range with each frequency segment being presented in a clean manner. Pretty sure the CCA PLA13 will complement different genres of music well!!


The ear cavities here on the CCA PLA13 are designed in an elegant manner. The cavities are made up of high-quality skin-friendly resin material. There’s a stunning metallic alloy face panel attached to the ear shells. CCA has designed these ear shells for the PLA13 in an ergonomic shape and favors good comfort with their lightweight form factor. CCA includes a high-purity silver-plated cable with standard 2-pin 0.75mm connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. One can purchase the PLA13 in two different variants with and without an inline microphone and media controls. CCA PLA13 starts at 63.99$, check out more information here.

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