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Cayin E01 Motherboard for N6ii unveiled | Hifigo

Cayin E01 Motherboard for N6ii unveiled | Hifigo

Exactly on May 20th, 2019  Cayin announced a release of N6ii DAP featuring A01 motherboard.  On the 8th of August 2019, the 26th anniversary of Cayin was celebrated with an announcement of T01 audio motherboard for the latest N6ii DAP. The third motherboard E01 for N6ii DAP just was unveiled by Cayin with a completely different design. 

Cayin E01


A stands for AKM , T stands for Texas Instruments and E stands for ESS Sabre. These are the companies that make the delta-sigma chips inside the amp cards. This gives Cayin plenty of scope to not only release more TI or AKM cards with the number series but to also go with different companies and change the letter series. 

Cayin E01 motherboard

The design architecture of Cayin E01 Motherboard

1. The DAC adopts ES9038PRO, in which the eight-channel DAC is output in differential current mode. The four channels are connected in parallel to form a sound channel, and then connected to IV conversion.
2. The circuit board of the amplifier is built with discrete components, which is composed of special low noise audio and crystal transistor. It has a powerful current output capacity and load control ability. 
3. The power amplifier circuit has dual working modes of A and  AB, which can be switched instantly through the UI.This is the first design for a portable player.   
Cayin E01

Battery life

Just an important note here that changing to the E01 does affect the N6ii battery life performance significantly. From around 13-14 hours (balanced and balanced) it goes way down to 7.5 hours under Class A, 9.5hours under Class AB. 


Cayin E01 delivers gorgeous highs without harsh, giving you a natural, crystal-clear sound. The virtual stage is more than average, it is quite harmoniously lined up both in width and in depth. Sound sources are precisely placed in space.

Cayin E01

Price and available 

Pre-order on hifigo is available at USD399 and shipment will release since Dec16th, 2019. 



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