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BQEYZ Summer Latest Tribrid IEMs Available Now!!

BQEYZ Summer Latest Tribrid IEMs Available Now!!

BQEYZ is a HiFi audio equipment manufacturing brand based in China. They are well-known for their budget, well-tuned IEMs. The Spring series has been the most successful IEM series from BQEYZ with two products Spring 1 and Spring 2. They just introduced an entirely new pair of IEMs, the BQEYZ Summer. Similar to the Spring 1 & 2, Summer also features a triple hybrid driver configuration housing a BA, a DD, and a 5-layered Piezoelectric driver unit. The DD unit used here is a large 13mm PU+LCP Diaphragm unit, Soft PU material makes the driver quick and flexible while LCP provides thin, hard, light, and high sensitivity characteristics to the driver resulting in an engaging, and fast sound response. BQEYZ has opted for high-quality resin material for the earpieces making them ultra-lightweight and comfortable for long listening sessions. The BQEYZ Summer has a price tag of 129$, you can check out more details here.

BQEYZ Summer-1


>Powerful tribrid driver configuration.

>Large 13mm PU+LCP diaphragm dynamic driver.

>Second-gen custom-tuned BA unit.

>5-Layered Piezoelectric ceramic unit.

>Ultra-light translucent ear shells.

>Impedance: 32 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 107dB.

>Frequency response range: 7Hz-40kHz.

>Standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

BQEYZ Summer-2

Powerful Tri-Brid Configuration:-

BQEYZ has an experience of tribrid tuning with their Spring series. The BQEYZ summer features a similar triple-driver hybrid configuration on each side. It features a large 13mm DD unit, a second-generation Balanced Armature unit, and a 5-layer piezoelectric driver unit.

Fast & Snappy DD Unit:-

The large 13mm dynamic driver in the BQEYZ Summer features a PU+LCP made high-quality diaphragm unit. The PU provides flexibility while the LCP material provides lightness, hardness, and high-sensitivity. It allows for swift and quick movement of the diaphragm material resulting in a transparent and fast acoustic response.

BQEYZ Summer-3

Second-Generation Balanced Armature Driver:-

BQEYZ has redesigned the BA unit for the Summer. It is a second-generation custom-tuned balanced armature driver that has a greater sense of airiness and provides ultimate clarity for vocals and acoustic performance.

BQEYZ Summer-4

5-Layered Piezoelectric Driver:-

A 5-layer piezoelectric driver has been tuned to produce a smooth and lively ultra-high frequency response. The Ultra-high response shows good extensions and air, there is no sibilance, fatiguing, or harshness with the ultra-high frequencies.

Translucent Resin Ear Shells:-

The ear shells in BQEYZ Summer are made with high-quality skin-friendly resin material. The earpieces are translucent and ultra-lightweight in nature. They have a weight of just 4.2 grams, we are pretty sure they will be super comfortable for long listening sessions.

BQEYZ Summer-5

Price & Availability:-

The BQEYZ Summer has a price tag of 129$. It is available to order from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly. Grab yours from here today!!

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