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BLON Releases Z200 HiFi 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

BLON Releases Z200 HiFi 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

BLON has been a famous name in the HiFi Audio Industry. Mostly known for its budget offerings, BLON offers a huge catalog of in-ear monitors. Today, BLON adds another gem to its catalog, meet the all-new BLON Z200. BLON has given the Z200 a beautiful Moon art design on its face plates. The pair houses a 10mm ultra-thin carbon diaphragm dynamic driver unit that is tuned and adjusted to deliver a powerful sound performance. BLON has treated the set with dual-cavity zinc alloy ear shells, so are you ready to experience the serene and rhythmic nature of the BLON Z200??

BLON Z200-1

BLON Z200 is made available in three different color options, Black, Purple, and Silver. It’s a pocket-friendly pair of Hi-Res IEMs priced attractively at just 19.99$, check out more information here.

Just like the Moon is a symbol of serenity and beauty, BLON has taken inspiration from the Moon to design and tune the latest Z200. The pair features a beautiful artistic image of the Moon on its faceplates. It has received professional tuning to deliver a serene, smooth, musical sound output. BLON has equipped the Z200 with its in-house developed 3rd generation 10mm dynamic driver unit. It has evolved from the first-ten BLON BL03 driver unit.  It features a dual-cavity structure with a dual magnetic circuit producing a powerful magnetic flux inside the driver. The driver here adopts an ultra-thin diaphragm that gives a punchy and powerful bass response.

BLON Z200-2

BLON Z200 features a dual-cavity structure with a 2-layered tuning cloth on the speaker. It allows for accurate tuning adjustments and enables the pair to have a strong, fast transient response, producing an authentic Hi-Res experience with the pair. Z200 features zinc alloy ear shells. The shells adopt a multi-layer spraying process for a non-slippery, scratch-resistant rich finish. They have an ergonomic shape for a comfortable wearing experience.

With its newly-designed 10mm carbon diaphragm dynamic driver, the Z200 delivers a HiFi grade sound quality. It produces a crisp response for a wide 20Hz-20kHz frequency band. It accurately presents rich details producing a rich and clear sound output.

BLON Z200-3

BLON Z200 is made available in different color options, available in Black, Purple, and Silver color options. It’s also available with inline mic and media controls. Z200 starts at 19.99$, you can check out more information here.

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