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BGVP Launches P05 Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Two Sets of Tuning Filters

BGVP Launches P05 Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Two Sets of Tuning Filters

BGVP Acoustics is a well-known recognized brand in the HiFi audio industry, particularly BGVP is renowned for its range of high-fidelity in-ear monitors. BGVP has an ever-growing range of In-Ear Monitors that get regular updates with products in all different price segments. Quite recently, we have got their new flagship, the BGVP Phantom, and now is the time they come up with a brand new model in the entry-level price bracket, let’s pull the drapes off the BGVP P05, a single dynamic driver IEM that delivers quality sound and doesn’t blow holes in the pocket.

BGVP P05-1

BGVP P05 is launched officially for just 49.99$, you can check out more details here. It is also available on our Amazon Japan and Amazon US stores. You can buy from any store you prefer.

BGVP has equipped the P05 with a 10mm custom-developed dynamic driver unit on each side. It is designed with a PU+Ceramic composite diaphragm structure. It ensures smooth sound reproduction with crisp high-frequency definition and clean and precise low-frequency reproduction. The P05 produces pure high-resolution audio performance with excellent clarity and a wide frequency band. BGVP P05 features BGVP’s patented tuning system. The driver cavity here on the P05 is designed with a complex sound leakage and loop sound tuning system. Its output can be adjusted by replacing the filters on the rear cavity and the nozzle. BGVP includes two sets of filters in the package, one for a balanced sound approach and another for a bass-enhancing signature.

BGVP P05-2

BGVP has got years of expertise in designing premium-quality in-ear monitors. The latest P05 features exquisite craftsmanship by the brand featuring high-quality 6-series aviation-grade aluminum alloy ear shells. They are designed in a cylindrical shape in a compact and ergonomic form factor with extremely lightweight aesthetics. Each earpiece here on the P05 weighs only 3.4 grams. They are crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process. Each cavity undergoes several complex processes including polishing, sandblasting, oxidation, and fine carving, that gives them a premium finish.

BGVP P05-3

BGVP P05 has got a high-quality two-strand 6N OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) cable with silver plating. The outer layer is covered with multi-layer silver wire shielding that protects the sound signal from outside interference. It has universal MMCX connectors that allow for easy replacement of the cable. The stock cable here has a 3.5mm single-ended termination. BGVP P05 is an excellently crafted pair of IEMs that have got exquisite build quality. With professional tuning adjustment by a dedicated team of acoustic engineers at BGVP, the P05 sounds phenomenal and complements different genres of music nicely.

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