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BGVP Launched Q3 1 BA + 1 DD Hybrid Bluetooth V5.3 TWS Earphones

BGVP Launched Q3 1 BA + 1 DD Hybrid Bluetooth V5.3 TWS Earphones

BGVP Acoustics, commonly known as BGVP is a leading HiFi audio brand from China. The brand is well-known for its exclusive range of premium-quality in-ear monitors. BGVP has released a brand new TWS earphones, the BGVP Q3. Q3 is the second generation of TWS in the “Q” series by BGVP. These high-performance TWS are not designed to just be another TWS in the market, in fact, these can also be used in wired mode with MMCX connector cables. The latest BGVP Q3 houses a dual-driver hybrid setup with a high-performance balanced armature and a powerful dynamic driver working together to deliver a quality listening experience. BGVP Q3 adopts Qualcomm’s latest QCC3072 highly efficient Bluetooth chipset that offers excellent connectivity along with a low-power consumption design.


BGVP Q3 is introduced with an attractive set of features, premium sound quality promise, and efficient battery life, everything for a pocket-friendly price of $99.99. Check out more information here.

At the core of the Q3, we have Qualcomm’s advanced QCC3072 high-performance Bluetooth chipset. It is an efficient low-power consuming Bluetooth chipset that brings Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity promising a stable operation with proper audio video synchronization and excellent high-res transmission protocol support. This includes AptX Adaptive, SBC, AAC, LE Audio LC3, etc. protocols. LE Audio(LC3) is a newly developed Bluetooth protocol which utilizes independent audio streams between multiple devices. The quality of the LC3 codec is improved compared to the SBC codec while reducing the bitrate to almost 50%. This ensures we get quality performance with low power consumption and stable signal connectivity.


BGVP Q3 brings us an amazing sound performance with its dual-driver hybrid configuration. The pair comes equipped with a high-quality dynamic driver unit matched together with a high-performance BA driver unit on each side. These drivers are arranged in a two-way crossover with the DD unit handling strong bass and clear midrange and the BA unit delivering a crisp, lively high-frequency response.


Another key feature in the BGVP Q3 is the ability to use the pair as a wired IEM. The set features an MMCX interface that users can use to connect with their MMCX cables and use as a wired IEM. Do note that there’s no MMCX IEM cable in the package. What’s innovative with the Q3 is that BGVP has achieved charging through the MMCX port as well.  In case your charging case goes empty, and you need urgent charge, simply use the included MMCX USB cable to charge the earpieces. BGVP Q3 has an excellent 3D-printed cavity structure. The pair provides a comfortable wearing experience with proper passive isolation. It also has a transparency mode. With the help of four high-definition outward-facing microphones that involve the external noise and make you aware of your surroundings.


BGVP Q3 offers a low-latency connection enabling the set to be used for watching movies or playing video games with proper audio-video sync. It has 68ms delay in wireless Bluetooth mode, and the wired MMCX mode has a 0ms delay, providing excellent sync for everyday usage. BGVP has equipped the Q3 with a large-capacity battery and an exquisite charging carry case. The earpieces have a rated lifespan of 7 hours and the charging case allows for 4 charges on a single full charge.  BGVP Q3 is launched officially for $99.99, feel free to buy yours here.

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