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Beat Audio LAB Premium IEM Upgrade Cables Now Available at HiFiGo

Beat Audio LAB Premium IEM Upgrade Cables Now Available at HiFiGo

We are proudly launching a premium range of high-quality in-ear monitor upgrade cables from Beat Audio Lab. Founded back in 2006, Beat Audio Lab has grown into a big name with products developed with proper research and development. Today in 2023, Beat Audio Lab has a range of premium cables that hold the capability of unleashing the full potential of your in-ear monitors. The cables are precisely handcrafted with carefully chosen materials right from the high-purity wire cores to the outer sleeves and even the soldering process, every single component is precisely chosen and crafted. Beat Audio Lab designed its products to bring noticeable acoustic improvements for the listeners. Their products are designed with pre-bent ear guides that bring better comfort for the users. Let’s explore the catalogue that we have launched today on our website.

Beat Audio Billow MKII Premium Flagship Cable:-

Billow MKII is the recently launched flagship IEM upgrade cable from the brand. Available in both 4-wire and 8-wire configurations, the Billow MKII has a three-layered design structure. Its innermost core is made up of silver alloy wire cores, the middle layer has composite metallic alloy cores, and the outer-most layer has a spiral structure, it is made using polished 24-karat gold foil running up on each core.

Beat Audio Billow MKII-1

The Beat Audio Billow MKII has a thick construction, it’s premium configuration brings effective improvements in all the three frequency segments. We get powerful, stronger, more impactful lower-end, beautiful, rich, and rounded vocals, and better details in the treble region with the Billow MKII. It is available in both 4-wire and 8-wire configurations and 0.78mm 2-pin and MMCX connector options. The Beat Audio Billow MKII starts at 2000$. A True Flagship Cable, Know more details here.

Beat Audio Prima Donna MKII Premium IEM Cable:-

Prima Donna MKII is an upgrade to the best-selling Beat Audio Prima Donna cable. The latest MKII is designed with a redesigned architecture. The composite core configuration is adjusted with altered material composition. In order to achieve the desired performance with the MKII, Beat Audio has added a small percentage of Zirconium into the alloy mixture and crafted the stunning Prima Donna MKII.

Beat Audio Prima Donna MKII

The cable is said to have a better soundstage, better treble response, better bass texture, and an overall clean and precise sound signature. The Prima Donna MKII has 7 thinner wire cores to form a small structure, Each of these structure are properly isolated and then 14 of these isolated small structures become one wire of the Prima Donna MKII. Beat Audio Prima Donna MKII starts at 1199$ for the 4-wire configuration. It is also available in 8-wire configuration as well. Available connector options are 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm. Check out more details here.

Beat Audio Cyclone Premium OCC Copper & Silver Alloy Cable:-

The Cyclone is the fourth copper-based cable in the Beat Audio’s lineup. It is actually a customized cable with OCC wire strands with an embedding silver copper alloy core inside each of the strands. It promises a thick, smooth, warm sound signature with enhanced treble frequency response as well. The Cyclone is carefully designed to deliver an impressive sound which makes our IEMs sing to their full potential.

Beat Audio Cyclone-1

Beat Audio has carefully designed the Cyclone cable in such a manner that it maximizes the surface area of the copper material. Beat Audio Cyclone is also available in 4-wire and 8-wire configurations with prices starting at 899$ only. Feel free to check out more details here.

Beat Audio Vermilion MKIII Premium Single-Crystal Copper Cable:-

Vermilion MKIII is an upgrade to the classic Vermilion MKII cable that came out in 2019. After 4 years, Beat Audio has carefully upgraded every component on the MKII to bring an amazing new performance with the Vermilion MKIII. They have basically doubled the structure of the MKII by having two small structures on each wire. Each structure is made in a spiral shape resulting in 40% more threads and 100% more spiral structure giving the metallic alloy more area for conductivity.

Beat Audio Vermilion MKIII-1

In terms of sonic improvements, the Beat Audio Vermilion MKIII brings drastic improvements to the lower-end response bringing in more punch, and more dynamic bass response with your favorite IEMs. With its new combination of copper alloy, the cable also has noticeable improvements in the mids and high-frequency regions, we also get a bit of warmth. The Beat Audio Vermilion MKIII is available in 2-pin 0.78mm and MMCX connector options. The Vermilion MKIII starts at 399$ Only. More details are available here.

Beat Audio Silver Sonic MKVII IEM Upgrade Cable:-

Silver Sonic is the most affordable cable in Beat Audio’s collection. The cable has got its latest MKVII variant with an enhanced metallic connector and components in a new-generation cylindrical shape.  The spiral-shielded structure design of the Silversonic MKVII makes it an amazing cable. The Beat audio Sivlersonic MKVII is available in both 4-wire and 8-wire combinations starting at just 199$, check out more details here.

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