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Aune Announces S1c Audio Clock

Aune Announces S1c Audio Clock

Aune, the well-known manufacturer of high-performance audio equipment, has announced the official release of its new product, the Aune S1c audio clock. According to the company, the Aune S1c audio clock is a high-performance, low noise, low jitter audio clock.

Professional Frame

Aune S1c Audio Clock

The Aune S1c is a high-performance clock that uses the custom-designed frequency synthesizer FS-1 from Titans Audio Lab paired with an optimized audio OCXO. The FS-1 frequency synthesizer eliminates jitter inducing artifacts and provides high-standard clocking and sound quality from digital audio sources.

High-Performance Clock Source

Aune S1c Audio Clock

The Aune S1c uses a custom-designed, ultra-low noise audio clock oscillators. The OCXO is specifically optimized for audio to ensure the highest performance.

Creative Isolation Circuit Design

Aune S1c Audio Clock

The Aune S1c avoids clock and control circuit interference by using a carefully designed isolating circuit. The custom-designed circuit separates power and signal. The result is the elimination of electrical noise and guaranteed ideal clock circuit performance.

Aune S1c Audio Clock

Powerful Output Drivers

Aune S1c Audio Clock

The Aune S1c has three 10MHz outputs and three WCK output. The three 10MHz outputs use a flexible adaptive-Z technology to provide compatibility with multiple input devices, 50R, 75R, and even 10K. WCK output matches the 75R.

Availability & Price

The Aune S1c features an internal international power supply, costs $1399 will be available on Sept 26th.

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