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Audirect Hilidac Beam2 VS. Audirect Beam | Hifigo

Audirect Hilidac Beam2 VS. Audirect Beam | Hifigo

Many audiophiles are already familiar with the mini portable DAC amplifier Audirect Beam. And they’ve certainly been selling like hotcakes. Well…Audirect has just released an upgraded model, the Audirect Hilidac Beam2. And if you’ve been thinking about investing in the Mini DAC,  but have yet to pull the trigger, consider yourself lucky.


Price and availability

MSRP: USD 139.99 

Shipment released : Jan  2020 

Audirect Hilidac Beam2 VS. Audirect Beam

Bigger size but same weight 

Audirect hilidac Beam 2, the successor to its highly successful audirect Beam. Measuring 49 x 15 x 6.85mm, the new DAC/Amp is 15% bigger than its predecessor and maintains its weight at 12g. 

2.5mm BA output as an addition 

The 15% increase in size can be attributed to the addition of a 2.5mm balanced jack for balanced output.

Dual ES9281C PRO updated

Hilidac Beam 2 Supporting dual ES9281C PRO chip from ESS in a True Balanced design, it is also equipped with a two Ultra-Low Femtoseconds Phase Jitter Crystal Oscillators, which provides best-in-class audio performance at 119 dB DNR and 0.0003% THD + N. While the DAC chip in previous version is ES9118. 

Same 32bit, 384KHz Decoding /DSD 128 as Audirect Beam

The hilidac Beam 2 supporting sampling rates of up to 32bit, 384KHz as well as up to DSD128 via DoP. In partnership with MQA Ltd. The MQA-certified Beam 2 2 is an MQA-enabled DAC/Amp which can fully decode the original MQA files without any assistance from third party software which aims to allow one to experience the abundant music details in the artists’ recording room.





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