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Audiosense DT100 Single Balanced Armature IEM Released

Audiosense DT100 Single Balanced Armature IEM Released

Talk about some fantastic looking in-ear monitors, we get Audiosense as a reputed brand in the industry. They show extreme professionalism in designing and tuning their IEMs with many successful pairs in the market including Audiosense DT200, T800, and more. The brand has presented its all-new single BA driver pair, the Audiosense DT100.

Audiosense DT100:-

Audiosense DT100-1

Audiosense DT100 is the latest budget-friendly pair of in-ear monitors from the brand. It serves as an entry-point to the world of hi-res music with its beautiful 3D-printed resin ear shells and a single balanced armature driver. The pair is made with utmost perfection and precision for a comfortable fit and smooth sound output. It has a price tag of just 109$, check out more details on our store here.


>High-Performance Knowles Full-Range BA driver.

>Specially designed unique face panels.

>High-precision 3D printed ear cavity.

>Skin-friendly Resin ear shells.

>Comfortable Fit.

>Silver-Plated Copper cable.

>Universal MMCX connectors.

>Impedance: 18Ω.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-22kHz.

>Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1kHz.

Feel The Sound With Knowles Full-Range Frequency Driver:-

Audiosense DT100-2

The Audiosense DT100 features a Knowles full-range frequency driver. Knowles BA drivers are well-known for their super smooth sound detailing. They bring out the details in your music beautifully and complements with a lively output.

High-Precision 3D-Printed Ear Cavity:-

Audiosense DT100-3

Audiosense has utilized high-precision DLP-3D printing technology for the ear cavities. They feature high printing efficiency and uniform structure for an ergonomic and comfortable fit. The brand has used bio-adaptive skin-friendly resin material for the earpieces.

Unique Face Panel:-

Audiosense DT100-4

Audiosense DT100 features a specially designed face panel. Each and every unit features a manually painted face panel with a unique design. They carry a classic, personalized look with every single unit.

High-Quality Audio Cable:-

Audiosense DT100 comes bundled with a high-quality audio cable. It is an eight-strand with each strand having 19 cores of 0.05 silver-plated copper wires. The brand has used transparent and skin-friendly TPU material as shielding on the cable. It has universal MMCX connectors and a single-ended 3.5mm termination plug.

Audiosense DT100-5

Pricing & Availability:-

The Audiosense DT100 is an entry-level offering from the brand for their highly-acclaimed “DT” series of in-ear monitors. It has a price tag of 109$, you can check out more details here.

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