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Audiosense‘s Flagship AQ7 Coming This Month

Audiosense‘s Flagship AQ7 Coming This Month

If there is anyone out there who knows about Knowles balanced armature drivers, it’s Audiosense. The earphone manufacturer is not only famous for some of its BA IEMs, but they took it a step further, purchasing custom Knowles drivers and customizing, tuning, and honing them to perfection.

AQ7 Configuration

The results clearly speak for themselves. The 8 Balanced Armature T800 was a massive success, garnering positive reports from skeptics and online reviewers alike.

So how does the new AQ7 differ from other Audiosense IEMs? Will this be a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Or perhaps this is a good upgrade from the company. There’s no need to guess as we’ll find out by examining their claims in the article below.

Fabulous New Look

Audiosense is no stranger to making beautiful looking IEMs, as evident in their previous models such as the DT200 and the flagship T800. And this appears to be the case here today. No surprises, the AQ7 is another impressive looking Audiosense earphone.

Audiosense AQ7

The AQ7‘s outer shell is 3D printed using an exquisite, bio-compatible, and skin-friendly material. This material is indeed very firm and durable. It has to be, as the outer shell houses seven different drivers inside of it. All in all, this is a very eye catchy IEM that is worthy of flagship status.

10mm Titanium Diaphragm Driver

At first glance, it may seem shocking to see Audiosense going with a hybrid driver configuration in their new in-ear. After all, the manufacturer has been churning one all BA IEM after the other, and they did it very well.

Titanium Diaphragm

While Balanced Armature drivers have their benefits, it is challenging to reproduce that thunderous bass without taking advantage of a dynamic driver.

Fast & Accurate Bass

For the AQ7, Audiosense used a 10mm Titanium Diaphragm unit. But why Titanium specifically? Good question. Like Beryllium, Titanium offers many advantages over magnetic dynamic drivers, namely speed, accuracy, and superb bass reproduction.

Sound Tuning

For the bass, Audiosense also employed one of the best BA drivers suited for the task, the Knowles 31618. So, according to the information mentioned above, we expect an excellent low-frequency sound reproduction on the AQ7.

Six Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

As usual, Audiosense‘s knowledge and expertise shine in this area. Six different Knowles drivers are inside the 3D printed housing of the AQ7.

6 Knowles Drivers

They are utilized as follows:

  • 2 Knowles 31618 for the low frequencies.
  • 2 SWFK31736 compound units for the high-frequencies.
  • 2 Customized Knowles compound units for the mid-frequencies.

4 Way Crossover Circuit

As we know, the more driver units inside an IEM, the more careful you have to be when it comes to its tuning. So to smoothly integrate the seven different drivers of the AQ7, Audiosense included three sound channels and a four-way crossover circuit.

crossover circuit & 3 sound channels

The four-way crossover circuit combined with the 3D printed three sound channels allows for better sound reverberation, lower crossover distortion levels, and, most importantly, better, more accurate, separate sound reproduction of the three primary ranges of sound frequency.

8 Single Crystal Copper MMCX Cable

AQ7 Single Crystal Copper Cable

To ensure the best sound quality and allow easy, convenient future cable upgrades. Audiosense used an MMCX interface for the AQ7. Not only that, but they also went the extra mile and included an eight single crystal copper cable. Sound quality should be clean, clear, and transparent.

Price & Availability


Audiosense confirmed the availability of the new AQ7 before the end of this month, as for the price, $498.99. Know more details about it here.

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