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Astrotec S70 Latest Bluetooth V5.0 TWS Earphones With ANC Technology

Astrotec S70 Latest Bluetooth V5.0 TWS Earphones With ANC Technology

With the advancement in wireless technologies, Truly Wireless Earphones(TWS) have now become our main medium of high-quality music enjoyment completely wire-free. We have got high-quality TWS earphones, high-quality TWS adapters for connecting our IEMs with ease. Astrotec, a widely-known high-fidelity IEM/Earbuds manufacturer based in China has released its latest set of TWS earphones, the brand new Astrotec S70. The latest S70 adopts an LCP diaphragm dynamic driver made in Japan for impeccable audio reproduction. It supports ANC noise-cancellation technology with up to 30dB noise reduction for a private experience. Users can also choose between ANC or Ambient noise mode as per their preference. The pair has Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with support for AAC and SBC wireless transmission codecs. The pair has a super long battery life with 18hrs playtime plus fast charging support. Only 10 minutes of charging provides up to 90 minutes of music playback. Astrotec S70 ANC TWS Earphones are available for just 49$, make them yours today!!

Astrotec S70 TWS-1

Key Features:-

>Up to 30dB Noise Reduction with Active Noise Cancellation(ANC).

>Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with AAC and SBC codec support.

>Stable, Lag-free Bluetooth connection.

>Powerful performance with LCP diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>Multiple operational modes, ANC, or Ambient mode.

>Easy to use touch-sensitive controls.

>Easy switch between stereo and mono modes.

>Fast charging support.

>Long battery life.

Powerful Acoustic Performance With A Powerful Dynamic Driver:-

Gone are the days when TWS earphones lacked power in their sound. Astrotec S70 TWS is equipped with a dynamic driver configuration that utilizes LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm material specially imported from Japan for the S70. The LCP material diaphragm enhances the experience for its users with high-resolution clarity and dynamic transient response for a highly detailed powerful performance.

Astrotec S70 TWS-2

Enjoy Your Music With Complete Privacy With Advanced ANC Technology:-

Engineers at Astrotec have researched and designed an Active Noise Cancellation technology for the S70 TWS earphones with an average reduction depth of 28dB-32dB. This is more than enough to cut down on day-to-day environmental noises such as airplanes, subways, high-speed trains, and more. Enjoy your music with complete privacy from the outside noises.

Stable, Lag-free Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity:-

The latest S70 uses a newly developed Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity chip with low power consumption and a stable, lag-free Bluetooth connection. Astrotec S70 has support for AAC and SBC wireless transmission codec for high-quality music streaming over wireless BT connection.

Astrotec S70 TWS-3

Easy Connectivity:-

After the pairing, the pair connects to the source device quickly as soon as you pull the earpieces out of the charging case. They can be used in both stereo or mono modes with ease. Do note that you can’t use left/right earbud independently with two different devices at the same time.

Easy To Use Touch Controls:-

Your entire world with the Astrotec S70 lies at your fingertips. Both the earpieces have touch-sensitive controls at the face cover area. Users can access multiple functions such as call controls, media controls, voice-assistant, and exploring more features with the pair.

Pricing & Availability:-

Astrotec S70 is available for just 49$. Yes, you can grab the awesome S70 TWS earphones for just 49$. Check out more details here. As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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