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AFUL SnowyNight Dual CS43198 High-Performance USB DAC/Amp

AFUL SnowyNight Dual CS43198 High-Performance USB DAC/Amp

AFUL has gained a good reputation for itself in a short span of time. Ever since they debuted in the international market, they have given us hit after hit products. We personally believe they have a strong R&D team which is pretty evident from the patented technologies that they implement in their products. It’s really amazing what they have done with a single BA in MagicOne and multi-driver setups in their Performer series of IEMs. Today, it is something special, AFUL is no longer just an IEM brand, today they have come up with a brand new portable USB DAC/AMP, introducing the all-new AFUL SnowyNight.


AFUL SnowyNight is launched officially for 109.99$, you can get yours here. It is also available on our Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and AliExpress stores as well.

Just like their IEMs, they have designed their portable DAC with full research and development. They have studied many different models to understand the shortcomings and finally designed the Snowy Night to be an amazing device with outstanding performance. After a deep R&D, AFUL noticed that in order to improve the performance of the Snowy Night, they needed to focus on improving the signal transmission. They understood that in a desktop chain, Optical/Coaxial SPDIF signals provide better quality sound performance. So, they diverted all their focus primarily toward improving the signal transmission quality since in the case of portable USB DAC/AMP, we can’t change the USB to any other option. For this, AFUL came up with an all-new upgrade cable, an enhanced Type-C connector cable.


AFUL bundles the SnowyNight with a high-purity 6N Single-Crystal Copper cable. It not only brings noticeable improvements in the sound but also improves the signal transmission. The performance upgrade with this cable is greatly improved, as per AFUL they have achieved coaxial-like performance with this enhanced upgrade cable. It also provides stable data transmission. The high-purity core material provides stable transmission to the sound signal. The signal is protected from external interference as well with its protected outer shielding.


At the core, we have dual CS43198 high-end flagship-level DAC chips from Cirrus Logics that handle signal decoding and processing. With a strong USB processor, the Snowy Night decodes high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD256 audio signals. AFUL has achieved best-in-class SNR(up to 130dB), and THD+N performance. The Snowy Night has a total harmonic distortion of <0.0037%. The resulting output is crystal clear with noise-free background and distortion-free performance.


AFUL SnowyNight has dual headphone output ports, we have a 3.5mm single-ended output and a 4.4mm balanced headphone output. It has a powerful amp section that provides a strong output thrust of up to 300mW. You will be able to easily drive your favourite in-ear monitors with the AFUL SnowyNight and experience quality sound. As for any HiFi audio device, clean power section is required for best performance. AFUL has carefully designed the power section. The SnowyNight has low power input and clear transmission towards the audio circuitry.


In the crowded USB DAC/AMP space, the AFUL SnowyNight brings a breath of fresh air. With their deep R&D, the enhanced cable, the high-performance DAC section, and the high-power amp section, everything comes together to bring an amazing music listening experience for the users.

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