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AFUL Performer8 1DD+7BA Hybrid Flagship IEMs

AFUL Performer8 1DD+7BA Hybrid Flagship IEMs

AFUL Acoustics emerged last year as a premium high-quality IEM brand with their debutant IEM, the Performer 5 being an absolute hit in the international market. AFUL was actually founded back in 2018 with an aim to design and develop high-quality IEMs that have premium sound and goes easy on the pocket. AFUL has developed several patented technologies which they have successfully showcased with the success of Performer 5. It is known to everyone that following the success of Performer 5, AFUL’s team had already started working on their next and much-awaited product, the AFUL Performer 8. After just a few months of waiting, the AFUL Performer 8 is finally here, today we are announcing the official release of the ultimate masterpiece from the house of AFUL Acoustics.

AFUL Performer8-1

AFUL Performer 8 is launched officially for 369.99$. It is available on our store, our Amazon US store, Amazon Japan store, and Aliexpress store as well. Feel free to purchase from anywhere you like.

As you might have guessed by the name, the Performer8 packs an 8-driver hybrid configuration on each side. It adopts a combination of 1 dynamic driver along with seven balanced armature drivers on each side. Just like the Performer 5, the Performer 8 is also equipped with several patented technologies by AFUL including the 3D printed acoustic tube structure, High-damping air pressure relief system, and RLC frequency network correction technology. These are based on the P5’s successful implementation and are further enhanced to get the desired response on the Performer 8. Performer 8 is a true upgrade over the Performer 5 with greatly enhanced sound capabilities!!

Upgrade of Performer 8 :-

First and foremost, AFUL Audio has enhanced the implied technologies for the Performer 8. The new Acoustic tube structure has a four-way crossover design, the damping system is also revamped with a higher damping air-pressure system and the RLC Network Frequency Correction Technology has also been reworked for an 8-driver arrangement on the Performer 8.

AFUL Performer8-2

Sound Improvements with Performer8:-

With all-new upgrades, the sound performance of the Performer8 is greatly improved. You get a tighter bass response with more punch and a deep-diving response. This has been achieved by a new dynamic driver unit. The midrange response is clearer with natural and warm vocals. Vocals have detailed textured presentations on the Performer8. The Treble clarity and resolution is also improved. The treble region also has improved response with enhanced extensions and better details.

Enhanced Acoustic Duct Structure:-

AFUL has featured its patented 3D Printed Acoustic Tube structure on the Performer 8. Compared to the Performer 5’s design, this structure has an enhanced implementation with an ultra-long and ultra-thin bass tube design. The bass tube here is 64.55mm in length. The length has been increased to enhance the bass response with a stronger, deeper, and more refined lower-end presentation on the Performer 8. The pair also has a 46.77mm mid-bass tube, and a 10.61mm mid-range tube for enhanced sound output!! The primary purpose of this 3D-printed acoustic tube structure is to get the best out of each driver unit with a precisely designed acoustic cavity structure.

Invention Patent

Name: Specially Developed Channel Physical Frequency Division Structure For Earphones
Patent NO.: CN109803206A
Patent Type: Invention Patent
Announcement date: 2019-05-24

AFUL Performer8-3

High-Damping Air-Pressure Relief System:-

Now some people might ask why there’s a high-damping air pressure relief system on the Performer 8. The main purpose behind this is to balance out the air pressure build-up inside the ear canal caused by wearing the IEMs for long durations. The high-damping air pressure relief system also reduces any wearing fatigue helping the users get a comfier experience with the pair. It also helps in enhancing the lower-end response with a more elastic and deep lower-end presentation.

AFUL Performer8-4

RLC Network Frequency Correction Technology:-

RLC Network Frequency Correction Technology was first implemented in the Performer 5. This technology uses a number of resistors and capacitors arranged in a precisely designed electronic frequency crossover to adjust the sound out of each driver unit and tune them precisely. AFUL has implemented the same in the Performer8 so as to enhance the performance of 8 drivers and treat the users with a clean and precise sound response. It also enhances the BA driver’s treble response making them easily comparable to the performance of an EST driver!!

AFUL Performer8-5

Eight-Driver, Four-Way Crossover:-

The eight high-performance drivers on the Performer8 are arranged together in a four-way frequency crossover. The pair uses the 8mm dynamic driver with a biological diaphragm for producing a strong lower-end response. Two BA drivers help in improving the lower-end and producing midrange as well. Another two BA drivers are here for midrange resposne and three BA drivers are tuned to deliver exceptionally clear and extended treble response. With professionally designed crossovers, the multi-driver arrangement works as a single unit and provides a highly-coherent sound!!

Enhanced Sound Capabilities:-

AFUL Performer8 is a flagship-grade multi-driver IEM that is designed to deliver a truly high-resolution sound experience to its users. The pair is tuned with a balanced and natural sound profile that complements different genres of music altogether. The pair has a tightly-controlled, hard-hitting bass response that complements the other frequencies with its speed and punch. The midrange has clear and crisp detailing with absolutely amazing vocals and instrument clarity. AFUL has tuned the treble to be open and has an airy presentation with a smoothly extended response even over the 10kHz mark. Overall, you get a pair with pure sound resolution and ultimate clarity which is as exciting as it gets!!

AFUL Performer8-7

Exciting New Looks with Hand-Painted Face Covers:-

While the community praised the beauty of Performer 5, the new Performer8 is even enhanced to be great looking set. Despite a whooping 8-driver configuration, the pair has a compact and lightweight build in an ergonomic shape. The ear shells have solid resin built with beautiful hand-painted face covers. The face covers here are made using multiple layers of hand-painted aluminum foil giving the pair a stunning look!!

High-Purity Stock Cable:-

In order to get the best out of Performer 8, AFUL has bundled the set with a high-purity stock cable. It’s a 4-strand cable with 98 cores on each strand. It is made up of high-purity monocrystalline copper silver-plated material that treats the users with top-quality sound with clean signal transmission. This cable enhances the sound of the pair with a deep-diving bass response and an open-wide sound stage presentation.

AFUL Performer8-8

Price & Availability:-

The official price for the AFUL Performer8 is set at 369.99$. Fantastic price for a fantastic pair of in-ear monitors. You can order yours from here. Also available on Amazon US, Amazon JP and Aliexpress stores as well.

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