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AFUL MagicOne: Revolutionary New Single Balanced Armature Driver IEMs

AFUL MagicOne: Revolutionary New Single Balanced Armature Driver IEMs Available Today!!

AFUL has garnered significant respect among audiophiles with a small number of releases in the international market. They debuted last year with the Performer5 in the international market followed by Performer8 this year. These hybrid in-ear monitors (IEMs) with multiple drivers became incredibly successful in the market.

Their next goal was to develop a new IEM with a groundbreaking Single Balanced Armature (BA) driver configuration. Typically, it's challenging to achieve a full-frequency range with just one BA driver, but AFUL's professional acoustic team has created a new-generation balanced armature driver with innovative patented technologies. This driver design allows for a rich and complete sound across the entire frequency range.

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Introducing the AFUL Magic One, a revolutionary IEM with a single balanced armature driver that delivers outstanding performance. Despite having only one driver, it matches the output of IEMs with multiple BA drivers. The AFUL Magic One is now officially available for $139.99, and you can check out more details here. It is also available on our Aliexpress, Amazon US, and Amazon Japan stores. You can purchase it from anywhere you like.

Why Single Balanced Armature Driver IEM?

Some may wonder why a single Balanced Armature driver IEM is necessary when there are already numerous options in the market with multiple drivers. However, the appeal of having a single driver that covers the entire frequency band is unique. It offers consistent performance and a remarkable level of coherency between different frequency segments. This is what led AFUL to embark on the development of a single BA driver IEM.

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AFUL's Custom Wide-Frequency BA Driver:-

Only a limited number of IEMs on the market utilize a single Balanced Armature driver setup. This is due to the difficulty of achieving a wide-frequency range with just one BA driver. For a good all-BA IEM, we need to have either 4 or more BA drivers on each side or we can simply put in a Dynamic driver unit and make it a hybrid setup. AFUL knew they would have to develop a new balanced armature driver to achieve their desired frequency response. That’s why instead of relying on standard BA drivers available in the market, they started developing their own BA driver unit.

After a deep R&D for over three years, they successfully designed a balanced armature driver tailored specifically for the MagicOne. This driver is constructed with top-notch materials, including an Aluminum Magnesium alloy diaphragm and a specially crafted folding ring. The result is a starting point that provides a flexible and natural tone and timbre, allowing AFUL to achieve their desired performance using their patented technologies.

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Innovative SE-Math Core Acoustic Technology:-

A breakthrough innovation during this process was the development of "SE-Math" technology, which compensates for differences between the driver and pure sound. Through an RLC Electro-Acoustic Network and Complex Acoustic Structure, this technology improved high-frequency extensions, treble performance, details, and overall smoothness in the high-frequency response of the MagicOne.

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Enhanced Bass Response With Long & Ultra-Thing Acoustic Tube:-

AFUL also designed a unique rear-cavity structure for the MagicOne, featuring a specially designed long and ultra-thin acoustic tube. This complex tube structure mirrors the design of Nautilus. The inclusion of this structure allows the single balanced armature driver to deliver crisp, strong, and precise bass response. With the MagicOne, listeners can now experience powerful bass production, defying expectations with a single balanced armature driver.

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Exclusive Designer Looks With Snowflakes Face Covers & Clear Resin Shells:-

For the MagicOne, AFUL has designed a visually stunning pair with a clear white finish. The theme of the Face Covers is "紛雪”, which means “Snowflakes Fall” in Chinese. It depicts the beauty of snowflakes with an artistic take, pretty sure you are going to love the look and feel of the Magic One. The ergonomic design ensures comfort, making it suitable for longer listening sessions. It's a great companion for everyday use.

Professionally Tuned For Excellent Sound:-

AFUL has professionally tuned the MagicOne to deliver a powerful and impactful sound response. It offers deep and elastic bass, a lovely midrange, and smooth yet detailed treble. Every intricate detail is reproduced smoothly while maintaining the natural tone and timbre of the audio.

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High-Purity OFC and Silver-Plated Hybrid Cable:-

To ensure high-resolution sound performance, the MagicOne comes with a high-purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) and silver-plated hybrid cable. The cable has 32+37 core hybrid configuration with a Litz Type-4 Coaxial shielded braiding. It enables smooth signal transmission with low internal resistance and protective outer shielding also protects the signal from external interferences.

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The AFUL MagicOne represents an innovative approach to implementing single balanced armature drivers in an IEM, delivering a fuller and high-resolution sound across a wide frequency range. Alongside its remarkable sound quality, the pair's unique snowflake design on the face covers and clear transparent shells create a spectacular look and feel. AFUL’s innovative technologies have made it possible to achieve a quality sound with the MagicOne!!

The AFUL MagicOne is officially available for $139.99. For more detailed information about the product, you can check out more information about the pair here.

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